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1 Sally Winter
My deepest sympathies. Ed was such a joy to be around, always a good joke and a warm hug. I will miss him dearly.
Tuesday 15 October 2002 04:42 GMT - USA

2 Marco van der Schans
Ed was a member of the Hockey F Team. Always enough energy to play Hockey and Rugby at the same day. Sometimes his mind more on Rugby, he still was a good midfield. We will miss him.
Tuesday 15 October 2002 05:05 GMT - Hong Kong

3 Linda Moon
Our heart goes out to the family and friends of Ed and we are forever hopeful.
Tuesday 15 October 2002 05:28 GMT - Hong Kong

4 Christopher Hammerbeck
Edward collected me to play golf one weekend in Chiang Mai and bit off more than he could chew because he ended up in Hong Kong far from his 'watering hole' in the Irish Pub in Chiang Mai under attack from my maid (smartening up and feeding up) and the cat 'baggie' who thought that he was Christian my son. In a way this rather typified his relationship with me i.e. and 'Honorary Son'. I look back on a warm hearted, self starting enthusiast who made even old men feel a part of his gang! <
Tuesday 15 October 2002 05:52 GMT - Hong Kong

5 Philip Bowring
I never felt closer to any boy other than my own sons. I saw Ed as a kind of model for them, with his warmth, enthusiasm, spirit, confidence and generosity. His father has been a friend since school days, but Ed added immensely to our bond to the Waller family. It was a treat to have Ed on board my boat, as much because of his personality as his expertise on the foredeck. I just regretted that his enthusiasm for rugby kept him from sailing with us more often. Claudia, Gavin and Simon jo
Tuesday 15 October 2002 06:15 GMT - HK

6 Ian Pawlik
Ed : The Gatorade and Vodka supremo of the Hockey F team Ed : The guy with such a lust for sport he would pitch in for hockey after full games of Rugby and Soccer at the weekend Ed : A great team mate to us all Ed : The humourist Ed : One of our few goal scorers ! Ed : We'll miss you - God Bless
Tuesday 15 October 2002 06:38 GMT - Hong Kong

7 Lucy Hammerbeck
Ed you are the unforgettable fire that will burn in all our hearts. I have such fond memeories of many great holidays and excursions with you in Thailand, Ireland, Hong Kong, London and Cambridge. You were the greatest friend to all and my best friend. You are greatly missed. God Bless.
Tuesday 15 October 2002 07:02 GMT - England

8 Andrew Laxton
When Ed first came to the KCC, bright eyed and bushy tailed, he made an immediate impact on everyone who was fortunate enough to have met him. His enthusiasm on the football field was second to none as was his presence and generosity in the bar afterwards. One of Ed's many great characteristics was his perpetual happiness. Whenever I bumped into him - whether it be at the club, in Lan Kwai Fong or on the streets of Central - he was always smiling and in high spirits.
Tuesday 15 October 2002 07:25 GMT - Hong Kong

9 tom masterson
Dear Jocelyn and family, Ed was a bright, fun young man full of life, innocent mischief and good humor. He eased his way into one's heart and was a good “mate” on a boat or on the pitch. He is arguably the best foredeck that “Moll” ever had and his presence on the boat is deeply missed. He was a son you can be proud of and a friend that I looked forward to knowing as he grew in years, stature, goodness and success. My deepest sympathies go with you. He will remain in my best thoughts alw
Tuesday 15 October 2002 07:48 GMT - Hong Kong

10 Mitch
Ed, You will forever remain in my memory. You are a top lad. Mitch
Tuesday 15 October 2002 08:12 GMT - Hong Kong

11 Richard Fawcett
I played hockey with Ed and once toured with him and Select. He infected me with his extraordinary energy and enthusiasm for life. With his enormous kindness and warm and generous humour, Ed was a friend to everyone who met him. He ran as hard for the team as any of us, and to greater effect, even when hockey was just a warm up for soccer later in the day. Ed, I'll miss you.
Tuesday 15 October 2002 08:35 GMT - Hong Kong

12 Christian Yang
Ed, no matter where we turned, you were there with a contagious smile and love for life. The memory of you will never be forgotten. May you have many a beer in the bar up there.
Tuesday 15 October 2002 08:58 GMT - Hong Kong

13 Dan Bence
As one of the “usual suspects” Ed is a star on tour, and a good mate. To my recollection Ed has only ever been awarded “the Monk” once, which considering the number of tours he has made is not bad going. I miss you all.
Tuesday 15 October 2002 09:22 GMT - Hong Kong

14 Dink
Ed, although we never really knew each other very much, I'm gutted at the thought that you and the other guys are gone - you would've been an awesome Select Captain - you were doing a brilliant job of upholding all the traditions of Select, which have been a model side within the Club, i.e. the whole team in the Sportsmans on a Saturday evening. Respect - you'll be missed. Dinks
Tuesday 15 October 2002 09:45 GMT - HK

15 Duncan Mitchell
I will miss you on the blind side, your laugh, smile and endless wit will be with us all forever. Stay Well Ed, Your mate Duncan.
Tuesday 15 October 2002 10:08 GMT - Australia

16 Jim Weston
Ed, it was such a pleasure playing rugby with you. You always had an unwavering enthusiasm for the game, and the boys thrived of fit. I will never forget the fantastic try that you scored against Sequins 10 days ago. I miss you mate.
Tuesday 15 October 2002 10:32 GMT - Hong Kong

17 Simon Day
Ed, since going fishing together off Salmon Rock on Lough Derg at the age of eleven, we have always been friends. I shall miss you. Simon
Tuesday 15 October 2002 10:55 GMT - UK

18 David Graham
Ed was my captain and my friend. It is very comforting to read all the great tribute celebrating Ed's life and to know that he shall never be forgotten. A great man on and off the pitch. until we meet again....DG
Tuesday 15 October 2002 11:18 GMT - Australia

19 Michael Liddy
As a friend of Eds from Lough Derg Yacht Club and Dublin it's easy to know how much he will be missed and remembered in these places. Over thirty people gathered in a pub in Dublin on Monday after hearing the bad news.
Tuesday 15 October 2002 11:42 GMT - Rep. of Ireland

20 Katherine Burns
Whilst I never met Ed, I know people who hold him very close to their hearts. He was obviously loved by many and will be sorely missed. My sympathies and condolences to Ed's family and all those who lost a dear, dear friend.
Tuesday 15 October 2002 12:05 GMT - UK/Hong Kong

21 jim down
Ed always gave 100 percent to sport and life in general. When asked to come on as one of the subs in a game for KCC at University, his brief was to 'get stuck in mate'. He promptly made a somewhat wild challenge and was booked within seconds of coming on. That moment changed the game, and the KCC were inspired to a win. you are in our thoughts ED.
Tuesday 15 October 2002 12:28 GMT - hong kong

22 Ciara-Ann
Ed, only now can you see just how much you have touched each and every one of our lives. You made us all feel so EXCLUSIVE in yours. I am just so privileged to have shared a very small piece of it with you. xxxxxxxxxxx
Tuesday 15 October 2002 12:52 GMT - Dublin/ LDYC

23 Stephen O'Driscoll
Ed's had great generosity, a fantastic sense of humour and was a geuine friend to hundreds!!! Whether it was sailing on Silk, the 53 or hosting one of his many great parties, ed was always very popular and great company. He will be dearly missed.
Tuesday 15 October 2002 14:25 GMT - Ireland

24 Mary Clare Curry
Ed, Always the life and soul of any party! Ed I will miss you always and will never forget the good laughs we had. All my love to the Waller family and friends.
Tuesday 15 October 2002 14:48 GMT - Ireland

25 Stafford Bagot
Never before have I known someone as loyal and generous as Ed. We shared many things, especially the love of sport and laughter. Whenever Ed was in town there was a party and even though he was living many miles from Dublin, he was constantly in touch, giving us his friendship and filling us with one hillarious story after another. We all miss you terribly, loved you incredibly and will remember you always.
Tuesday 15 October 2002 15:12 GMT - Ireland

26 Lisa Conboy
I will always remember the Christmas I spent with Eds family and friends in Thailand. It was one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. Ed is someone that will never be forgotten and missed always
Tuesday 15 October 2002 15:35 GMT - Ireland

27 Alex Brenninkmeyer
I am so unbelievably sorry about this devastating news. As there are no words to express such an appalling tragedy, I can only offer my most sincere condolences and prayers. Alex Brenninkmeyer
Tuesday 15 October 2002 15:58 GMT

28 Kerry FitzGerald
It is very hard to write in this as we are all still hoping that Ed is sitting in hopsital chatting up a cute nurse. I caught up with Ed (again) in Hong Kong and he has been an inspiration with his love for life and making friends, what a heart of gold. I know we're all hoping that this site is premature.
Tuesday 15 October 2002 16:22 GMT - Hong Kong

29 Maura Howe
Dear Ed Like so many I feel very lucky to know you. Thanks to you I have done some amazing things and met some amazing people that otherwise I would never have known. You truely were the life & soul of many gatherings and many many hearts. You will be with us forever.xxxxxx
Tuesday 15 October 2002 16:45 GMT - Ireland

30 Douglas Mulcock
I had the honour and privilage of playing in the same footie team as Ed. Fit, agressive and occassionally skilful he would always fight right up to the final whistle . He will leave a void in our team and will never be forgotten. My sincere condolances to his family and many friends around the world.
Tuesday 15 October 2002 17:08 GMT - Hong Kong

31 Killian Fitzgerald
Big Ed will be greatly missed by everyone who met him. He will be remembered as someone who put others before him (literally, when sitting out on the rail with him)and as a kind and generous spirit. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.
Tuesday 15 October 2002 17:32 GMT - London

32 ailis clarke
Sincere condolences to the family and friends of Ed. His warm heart and kind generosity will be missed.
Tuesday 15 October 2002 17:55 GMT - Ireland

33 Philip Cooney
I knew Ed in Trinity - he was always a fantastic character,always up for a few drinks and a bit of craic, and his “exploits” on (and off) the hockey pitch were legendary. He'll be sorely missed by everyone who was lucky enough to meet him during his time in Dublin. My deepest condolences to all his family and friends. Regards, Philip
Tuesday 15 October 2002 18:18 GMT - Ireland

34 Teddy Waller
Always fun. A great smile. Many good times during the Lough Derg Yacht Club regatta. Teddy, Mary, Will and Adam send condolences to all the many who relished Ed's company. Return to Tipperary and rest in peace.
Tuesday 15 October 2002 18:42 GMT - England

35 Mark Hope
It is a tragedy that such a fun-loving character such as Ed, who was so full of life, has had it all cut short by an act beyond belief. No words can describe the feelings running through me just now, anger, misery, sadness. My condolences to the Waller family, and all the people who knew Ed.
Tuesday 15 October 2002 19:05 GMT - HK

36 Georgina Bowes-Lyon
My deepest condolences to all of Ed's friends & family.
Tuesday 15 October 2002 19:28 GMT - UK

37 Charlotte Craigie
No words can express my sadness......Ed - you are such a wonderful person. I will always be thinking of you. My deepest sympathy to your family & friends.
Tuesday 15 October 2002 19:52 GMT - Ireland

38 Hugh Walford
My deepest condolences and love to the Waller family at this tragic time.
Tuesday 15 October 2002 20:15 GMT - Thailand

39 Rupert Lewis
A great tragedy, my greatest sympathy to Ed's parents.
Tuesday 15 October 2002 20:38 GMT - UK

40 Jennifer Craig
Ed, the most amazing, loving, fun and generous person I have ever known. I will cherish the memories of your years in Dublin, the many weekends away and the great holidays forever in my heart. My friend, I'll miss you, this was such a needless tragedy. My deepest sympathy to all of Ed's friends & family.
Tuesday 15 October 2002 21:02 GMT - Ireland

41 Cora O' Reilly
Ed's kindness will be missed greatly Meeting him always but a smile on my face. My deepest condolences to Joyceln, Nilawan and Tom Waller , and to all his family and friends
Tuesday 15 October 2002 21:25 GMT - Ireland

42 Susie Wilson
Ed, You will always be remembered as the life and soul of all parties. We will always remember those fantastic evenings in Dromineer when you were able to put together a scrumptious dinner for a ridiculously large number of people at the drop of a hat. With your own inimitable style and grace you were always the perfect host, a great friend and always looking out for all of us. We will miss you terribly and remember you fondly. Your memory will live long in our hearts.
Tuesday 15 October 2002 21:48 GMT - Ireland

43 bob and vivian lawson
such senseless wickedness has robbed us a genuinely “nice guy”. always with a smile and a good word to people, ED was well loved in the Dynamics (HKFC soccer social team) and all of us will miss him greatly. our deepest condolences to his family
Tuesday 15 October 2002 22:12 GMT - hong kong

44 Robert Laird
On the few occasions I met Ed, I found him to be a very warm and friendly chap, full of enthusiasm and generally great fun to be with. My deepest regrets to Ed's family at this time.
Tuesday 15 October 2002 22:35 GMT - Ireland

45 Tim Kremer
I only met Ed about a year ago and was immediately taken by his open, friendly and outgoing personality. We played many games together in that one year and we spent lunch sessions together at the football club over the summer at the pool trying to get into shape. I will miss his companionship and friendship. He was a true mate, even for those who only met him in passing. My condolences to the family. I am very sorry for your loss. Tim Kremer
Tuesday 15 October 2002 22:58 GMT - Hong Kong

46 Emma Richmond
Ed, History and Hockey would never have been so much fun without you. A great friend and brilliant chef!
Wednesday 16 October 2002 11:48 GMT - Ireland

47 Douglas Rigg
Words fail me. Suffice to say he was the greatest of friends, and will be missed by all who knew him.
Wednesday 16 October 2002 12:35 GMT - UK/Hong Kong

48 Jamie Savile
Thinking back of the times we spent with Ed since we both arrived freshfaced at Junior House, I was struck then (as I am now; albiet now with sadness)how balanced and loyal he was. I remember his passion for sport and his delight in music. He may have hung up his earth boots but his memory can only live on.
Wednesday 16 October 2002 12:58 GMT - UK

49 Ronan Hayes
Ed- always laughing, always cheery even when calling to your room in Trinity hungover at ungodly hours! Meeting him on the Lions Tour in Sydney for cocktails with Ed proudly wearing a hideous striped blazer, sharing a beer when he made a surprise re-appearance at the Midsummer Ball- these are the memories I will cherish of a true gent.
Wednesday 16 October 2002 13:22 GMT - Ireland

50 John O'Driscoll
To a great friend, sailor and host of countless parties. You will be dearly missed.
Wednesday 16 October 2002 13:45 GMT - Ireland

51 Toby Codrington
My thoughts and prayers are with the Waller family and especially Ed at this most tragic of times. Why is it always the innocent people who are the ones who have to suffer? I was a few years above Ed at school so didn't know him as a friend but what i do know from reading these tributes is that he will be sorely missed. Rest in peace Big Man
Wednesday 16 October 2002 14:08 GMT - UK

52 Medb & Gavin
Ed, we miss you already, one of the most inclusive, enthusiastic, warmhearted people we ever met. 2 years ago we arrived in HK, you never hesitated to invite us to whatever party you were going to. You lived life to the full, always trying to fit everything in - one night attempting a night out in Wanchai, watching football at 4am at our flat and dragon boat training at 6am. Needless to say, you made it to Wanchai and crashed on our sofa. We'll never forget Chiang Mai, World Cup, Colloids FC...
Wednesday 16 October 2002 14:32 GMT - Hong Kong

53 Simon To
Ed is the nicest young man I have ever met. He is my son Ben 's best friend being his first roommate at Ampleforth College. Since coming to Hong Kong, we have had a lot of opportunities to get together and enjoy rounds of golf and regular lunches. Ed is such a likeable personality and he can sell anything to anybody. I am convinced that Ed will make great successes and leave many marks on earth. Since I heard the bad news, my wife Susana and Ben could not sleep well and kept praying for Ed
Wednesday 16 October 2002 14:55 GMT - Hong Kong

54 Leah
Ed What a brilliant enthusiastic fun loving persons - whose love of life and time for others inspired all those around him...a top dergie. Tom and family you are in my thoughts and prayers and may the memories of a great brother, son and friend help you through today and the days to come.
Wednesday 16 October 2002 15:18 GMT - LRYC/Ireland

55 Jonjo Hobbs
My thoughts and prayers are with all the family and friends that I know Ed has accumulated everywhere. I played rugby with Ed at Ampleforth and know what a great guy he is and how he of all people did not deserve this. He will be sorely missed.
Wednesday 16 October 2002 15:42 GMT - UK

56 nicole morrissey
Ed, Such a fantastic character. Whether you met him once or a million times he was welcoming and friendly to all. I will remember him forever with his trackie bottoms tucked into his rugby socks and wearing his boat shoes. This is a dark and tragic time . My heart ,prayers and thoughts are with the Waller family and everyone who had the pleasure of meeting Ed.
Wednesday 16 October 2002 16:05 GMT - ireland

57 Robert Pitt
What a terrible terrible tragedy. I remember Ed from Junior House and Ampleforth. My condolences to Tom and the whole Waller family.
Wednesday 16 October 2002 16:28 GMT - Great Britain

58 Penny Furney
Ed, the master of the epic journies across many countries. So many fabulous times,fond memories and great stories that are retold so many times. Will miss you so much, love Penny
Wednesday 16 October 2002 16:52 GMT - Ireland

59 Eoin Gilhooly
Ed was a great and loyal friend. I have a picture of the two of us swimming in Hong Kong, drinking beers. As usual, he is smiling. That's how I'll remember him. My deepest sympathy to the Waller family.
Wednesday 16 October 2002 17:15 GMT - Ireland

60 Alessia
I'll miss you!
Wednesday 16 October 2002 17:38 GMT - Italy

61 Vanessa Murtagh
Ed, you have left me with so many brilliant memories, Trinity, Tipp, Siena, BKK & CNX. Always so much fun. I love you dearly, always have done and I always will. Thank you for being you. V x
Wednesday 16 October 2002 18:02 GMT - Ireland

62 Michael Hamilton
There were many traditions at Ampleforth: Drinking hard, playing hard and most importantly friendship and loyalty. From what i hear Ed certainly helped kep these traditions alive. My thoughts and prayers are with Ed and his family and he will be remembered.
Take care!
Wednesday 16 October 2002 21:22 GMT - London

63 Lynda Crawford
Ed, From Dromineer to Trinity, doing a History degree together, you were a fantastic friend and the most wonderful party host. You will be missed by so many. I will treasure my Ampleforth sweater that you gave me. My thoughts are with the entire family. Love to you all.
Wednesday 16 October 2002 21:32 GMT - Ireland

64 Jane Phipps
Ed, thank you for so many wonderful memories. You were a true friend to all and always a very special part of my life. I miss and love you.
Wednesday 16 October 2002 21:37 GMT - London / LDYC

65 Fiddy(Philippa Waller)Mercer
Our deepest sympathy to all the family, with love from all in our family, Dan, Mark & Shanley, Heather, Theresa and Julie-Ann. We are remembering you in our prayers - especially from Fiddy.
Wednesday 16 October 2002 21:55 GMT - Canada

66 The Lennon Family
The Lennon family, Cork, wish to convey to Nilawan, Jocelyn and Tom their deepest sympathy, love and support.
Wednesday 16 October 2002 22:17 GMT - Cork, Ireland

67 Naomi Buchanan
Ed took me under his wing from the minute I stepped off the plane in HK. His enthusiasm for life and love of people making for a very social 6 month experience. He was a very special, kind and generous person - a true gentleman. I feel priviledged to have met Ed at Trinity and then to have spent time with him in HK. I have countless very happy memories which bring a smile to my face every time. Ed was a son, and brother, to be immensely proud of, and a cherished friend to many.
Wednesday 16 October 2002 22:18 GMT - Ire / HK

68 Tim & Alison Westinghouse
Oh Ed it could only happen to you. We guess you are up there propping up the bar and regaling everyone with your stories. At least there are a whole load of rugger buggers with you. One day have no doubt we will be up there with you. Thank you for being such a wonderful friend to all of my children-they will miss you dreadfully. Who will Lucy sail with in the Shannons now? Watch over them and protect them. God Speed. All our love Alison & Tim
Wednesday 16 October 2002 22:33 GMT - Great Britain

69 David Dalgety
Ed made me so welcome at the Loch Derg regatta back in 1996. An absolute star. He epitomised the great Waller spirit and character that I had learned about through my mother. My deep condolences to Tom, the rest of his family and loved ones.
Wednesday 16 October 2002 22:42 GMT - Scotland

70 Sarah Timmis
Having met you through Tom, I was blown away by your kindness, thoughtfulness and genorisity. My thoughts and prayers are with all your family.
Wednesday 16 October 2002 23:05 GMT - Ireland

71 lynn conboy
so sorry
Wednesday 16 October 2002 23:27 GMT - berlin

72 Charles Fowler
I first met Ed while at University in Dublin. It was at a party hosted by his good friend, Penny Furney. Ed was a sort of person, that you meet once and never forget. Irrepressible, unforgetable, a larger than life character. He was also the loudest soul
Wednesday 16 October 2002 23:27 GMT - Ex-Dublin, Currently in Sydney.

73 Wytham, Henrietta, Emily & Heath
You can shed tears that he has gone
Or you can smile because he has lived.

You can close your eyes and pray that he'll come back
Or you can open your eyes and see all that he has left.

Your heart can be empty because you can't see him
Or it can be full of the love you once shared.

You can turn your back and live yesterday
Or you can be happy for tomorrow because of yesterday.

You can remember him and only that he's gone
Or you can cherish his memory and let it live on.

You can cry and close your mine, be empty and turn your back
Or you can do what he would have wanted, smile,
Open your eyes wide, love, and go on.

Ed, we are all so proud to be your cousins. xxx
Wednesday 16 October 2002 23:28 GMT - UK

74 Alex Ellis
For the time I was in Hong Kong Ed went out of his way to welcome me and to include me, as he did with everyone- even when that meant getting tickets for at least 7 girls for the rugby section ball! I'll never forget his kindness and his enthusiasm for everything. My thoughts go out to his family and friends.
Wednesday 16 October 2002 23:52 GMT - UK

75 George Roberts
Ed - We have so many happy memories of you that will always make us smile. You were a lot of things to many people but to me you shone as a true friend.
Thursday 17 October 2002 00:15 GMT - Ireland

76 Julie Lerner
This news saddens me greatly, it has travelled across the globe and its a true tradegy that is both unjust and undeserved. I will miss Ed dearly, but keep his spirit, kind hearted nature and presence with me throughout my life. I will never forget meeting Ed in Borneo, the good times we had and such a great friendship that I was fortunate enough to share with him in Hong Kong. My thoughts are with you Ed, and i shall pray for you and your family. I miss you! You are truly a remarkable person and one I will never forget.

With love.
Thursday 17 October 2002 00:34 GMT - New York

77 Susie Hay
Ed was a dear, kind fellow and a great friend. I shall miss his smile, energy and enthusiasm, he touched everyone who knew him and will always be remembered with love and a smile
Thursday 17 October 2002 00:38 GMT - UK/HK

78 Michael
I wish to express my sincere condolances to the family and just say that while I new Ed I found him to be a very genuine and plesant friend
Thursday 17 October 2002 01:02 GMT - Ireland

79 Amy and Stacey
Although we didn't know you we know someone that is close to you and our thoughts are with your friends and family at this tragic time.
Thursday 17 October 2002 01:25 GMT - England

80 Andrew Rigg
So very, very sad. Whatever your faith or beliefs, we all know that Ed is in a place where there is no terror, no fear and no hatred.
Such a loss to your family, to friends and to all of us who knew you throughout school.
Thursday 17 October 2002 01:32 GMT - Australia

81 Alice Carver
My deepest condolences to all Ed's family and friends who loved him so much and are still trying to understand this cruel loss. His kindness, generosity and unfailing optimism for everyone and everything in life is an example to us all. I will miss you Ed, as a true friend and as the only other REAL U2 fan out there (I know it's cheesy but he'll chuckle at me for saying it) - Ed, you'll still be with me at every concert I go to in the future. Walk on.
Thursday 17 October 2002 01:48 GMT - UK

82 Andy Randall
I am currently taking a holiday back home in Australia after being in Hong Kong for the past nine months. As a new expat, your friends quickly become your family away from home. Certain individuals take it upon themsleves to make the new guys feel welcome. Ed - thanks for asking me to join the boys in Singapore for Yak's and Jarpie's stag weekend. With heart felt condolences to your family and friends.
Thursday 17 October 2002 02:08 GMT

83 Chuck Manker
I'm so terribly sorry for your personal loss as well as the loss for our company. Unfortunately, I did not know Ed, but in reading about him, he typifies just the type of person that makes this company great. My sincerest condolences Chuck Manker LexisNexis Dayton, Ohio USA
Thursday 17 October 2002 02:12 GMT - USA

84 Melissa Schubert
Ed is, quite simply, the best guy I have ever known. So warm and open-hearted, without a mean or petty bone in his body. Always thinking the best of people and downplaying his own virtues. I love him with all my heart and always will. He was amazing. He always took such good care of me, and all his friends, the world will be a much colder place without him in it. He will be missed by many - I was always convinced that he knew everyone in Hong Kong, and practically everyone in Ireland as well. He was always a bit sheepish about that - we'd try to get away for a bit, but then he'd run into a bunch of mates on the beaches of Boracay, or in a Laotian waterfall. I always wanted more time with him than I had, and always will.

My heart and my thoughts are with Nilawan, Jocelyn, Tom and everyone who loves Ed.
Thursday 17 October 2002 02:35 GMT - Hong Kong

85 Blanaid Dixon
My sincere condolences to the Waller family during this tragic time. You and Ed are in my thoughts and prayers. I had the pleasure of meeting Ed only but a few times and was instantly drawn to him, obviously reading all the tributes confirms he was a magnetic character. Ed you were a true gentleman with a twinkle in your eye! I will very much miss catching you online for chats. God Bless you B
Thursday 17 October 2002 02:35 GMT - Ireland

86 Team, TZ
Dear Jocelyn,

It is great shock and sadness that we have heard of the death of your son. We express our deepest condolences to you, your family and relatives.
Thursday 17 October 2002 03:25 GMT - Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Russia

87 Amanda
Dear Ed, we crossed paths in many different countries and many different social circles. You had a way of making people feel special with your charming, friendly, cheerful outlook. My deepest sympathy to all the Waller family at this terribly sad time.
Thursday 17 October 2002 03:42 GMT - Ireland/Hong Kong

88 Barry Hoy
Anybody who knew Ed could not fail but to like him.I personally grieve for him very much and give my sincere condolences to his family and friends who must be devastated by this senseless loss.He will be missed.
Thursday 17 October 2002 03:46 GMT - Hong Kong

89 Lizzie Chambers
I met Ed while travelling in Thailand just before Christmas of 1999/2000. I was with friends Luke Peacocke and Anna-Louise Reed, also from New Zealand.
Ed was travelling round Kanchanaburi showing some very nice Irish friends from Trinity the Sai Yok F
Thursday 17 October 2002 03:53 GMT - 22 Quetta St, Wellington, New Zealand, soon moving to HK

90 Fergal Power
Ed was simply a wonderful guy and truly a great friend. His love for life, sport and people was unending. I will forever cherish many lasting memories of Ed. Including the time he turned up at a bar-b-q I was hosting, somewhat jolly after a day of sailing
Thursday 17 October 2002 04:36 GMT - Hong Kong

91 John Martinez
Never met Ed or his family, still my heart goes out to those that love him.
My condolences to family and friends.
Thursday 17 October 2002 06:01 GMT - Amsterdam

92 Peter Kulevski
It was only by chance that I met Ed whilst visiting friends in HK. And I'll always count myself so fortunate to have done so. His warmth, humour and generosity made me feel very welcome and I am certain that those who knew him much better than I are hurting greatly at losing such a wonderful young man. I wish we could have had that beer in Sydney mate. My heart goes out to your family and friends.
Thursday 17 October 2002 06:03 GMT - Sydney

93 Fraser Whytock
Ed you will be sorely missed when the “F Troop” turn out for a game of hockey here in Hong Kong. Wont be the same without your unique one-handed dribbling and celebratory vodka gatorades. We'll be having a few drinks with you after the match this Sunday.
Thursday 17 October 2002 06:48 GMT - Hong Kong

94 John Banks
As hockey section captain at Football club I knew Ed and a lot of the other guys who were with him. Ed was always energetic and keen but above all a very friendly guy who everyone liked. Such a shame for someone so young and full of life to go before his time. All of our thoughts are with the parents, family and friends of all of the guys who have gone. The only good news that we have had here is that Dan Miller's wife, Polly Miller, who was also there, is doing well in hospital in Australia.
Thursday 17 October 2002 06:53 GMT - Hong Kong

95 Lisa Foley
Your Irish humour and Thai gentleness will be forever remembered. You had a joke and a smile for everyone. You will never leave our thoughts and hearts.
Thursday 17 October 2002 06:57 GMT - Hong Kong - HKFC

96 Fabio
My sincere and deepest condolences to the Waller family, and all the people who knew him.
There is little I can add on what have been already written... you all know how great and joyfull Ed was.
We will miss you.
Ciao Ed!
Thursday 17 October 2002 07:08 GMT - Hong Kong

97 Christian McGregor
Ed was a true champion ! I had the pleasure of touring with Ed on the Vandals tour to Patong, Thailand two years ago. A talented sportsman, a great entertainer, a true gentleman and a great friend. Always had a smile on his face, and usually a beer in his hand. Nice one Ed !
Thursday 17 October 2002 07:16 GMT - Hong Kong Football Club

98 Alastair McNair Scott
Always the gent, joker and soul of any gathering, Ed will be missed by everyone who knew him.
Thursday 17 October 2002 07:17 GMT - Hong Kong

99 Jamie Evans-Freke
My deepest regrets to all of ed's family on news of this tragic happening.
Ed's happiness and zest for life will live on in all those he knew.
Thursday 17 October 2002 07:19 GMT - North Yorkshire

100 Simon Walkin
Ed was a great friend. Always knew how to have fun and good time. I have some great memories of you. You will be sadly missed. My sympathy go out to your family.
Thursday 17 October 2002 07:31 GMT - Ireland

101 Leontine Brandt Corstius
I met Ed on my second day in HK(2001). He took me and Jennifer to the Sevens and so I entered 'the world of rugby'. Although he never forgave me for leaving the stadium for a few hours to go shopping, we became friends. I will never forget his kindness, his hospitality and his friendship. As an example to me and to everyone, he will always be present in my life.
Thursday 17 October 2002 07:31 GMT - Netherlands

102 Ed Gretton
Knew Ed at school. All sympathies and prayers with his family and friends, as well as with Ed himself. Horrifically unfair.
Thursday 17 October 2002 07:36 GMT - Lincolnshire, UK

103 Stephen Ezekiel
Ed made those of us at the HKFC feel more alive because of his presence and energy. His loss is senseless, and it leaves me hoping that there really is a heaven, and that Ed is up there drinking, playing rugby, and generally stirring things up. I can't imagine it any other way. I hope Ed can see us, his Mighty Select team mates, playing rugby here in Hong Kong in his honour. I hope he can still have a good laugh at our ineptitude, which his passing was always an important contributor to, although sadly no more.
Thursday 17 October 2002 07:38 GMT - Hong Kong

104 Henry McCann
Ed, a good friend, one of “De'Lads” and a true gentleman. You will be missed.
Thursday 17 October 2002 07:41 GMT - Ireland

105 Bruno Defforey
Your love of life will always remain an example and a guideline to all of
us; you are the kind of person that anyone would like to have met more often...
Thursday 17 October 2002 07:49 GMT - Hong Kong

106 Reg Jackson
Four years of studying history was made far more enjoyable by your presence. The most vibrant person I ever met. Your laughter and liveliness will be sorely missed.
Thursday 17 October 2002 08:00 GMT - Ireland

107 Niall O'Neill
Ed lived his life to the absolute fullest. He has left a circle of friends so big it truly embraces the globe. There is no greater testimony to him than the wealth of memories so many share.
Thursday 17 October 2002 08:14 GMT

108 Richard Lamming
I knew you just long enough to know that you were a very skillful rugby player, who played not for the glory, but for a sheer love of the comaraderie of the game; and to know that your positivity & gregariousness was infectious to those around you. Reading through these tributes, I now know how remarkable a person you were. If only I could continue getting to know you. God bless you.
Thursday 17 October 2002 08:21 GMT - Hong Kong

109 Rosie Keefer
I have so many fond memories of Ed in Hong Kong, where I was privileged to have met him- be it on a junk, playing tennis till 11pm or enjoying drinks in his favourite bars. Ed was such a kind, warm person- a true gentleman. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends
Thursday 17 October 2002 08:30 GMT - London, UK

110 Koreena Wilks
I met Ed in Boracay last Easter. Although we didn't know each other very well, he struck me as the type of person who would always be genuinely happy to see you. Whenever we bumped into each other down in LKF, he always had time to stop and say gidday and buy me a drink.
Thursday 17 October 2002 08:37 GMT - HK

111 Heath, Henrietta and Emily
Ed, you were a true trailblazer - blazing trails of happiness wherever you went with your sweet smile. Wewill always remember those times spent with you as being such special ones and you will live forever in our thoughts and in our hearts.
Thursday 17 October 2002 08:43 GMT - Suffolk

112 Rachel Wilson
My sincerest condolences to Ed's family and close friends. Ed was one of the first people I met when I arrived in Hong Kong and he made me feel welcome immediately. Since then he has been a permanent fixture around the place - it just won't be the same without him here. I will remember him as a talented sportsman and the original social butterfly with the mischievous, quirky smile. But most of all I will remember the big, warm heart he shared equally with friend and stranger alike. That is the legacy and hope that Ed leaves for all of us.
Thursday 17 October 2002 08:43 GMT - Hong Kong

113 Charles Dickson
Ed and I met when we sailed on “Moll”. I introduced him to his first employer in 2000. We shared an office for 6 months, which confirmed what a great guy he was to have around. He once borrowed our Phuket flat for a weekend, and gave me a very upmarket bottle of red and a nice note of thanks. Hardly neccessary, but he was a gentleman, and a great role model for kids like ours.
Thursday 17 October 2002 08:49 GMT - Hong Kong

114 Jaap Schlejen
My condolences to Ed's family and friends. In the short time I got to know him he struck me as a friendly, open person. I will remember the few football matches we played together. Again, my thoughts are with his family
Thursday 17 October 2002 08:54 GMT - Hong Kong

115 Paul O'Riain
I sailed with Ed onboard The IMX 38 racing yacht Xerxes from Cork Ireland to Haderslev Denmark a couple of years ago. We had a great trip because we had a great crew who never flinched even though the boat was flying and conditions were pretty hairy going up the Northsea. Ed was an integral part of that crew. You could tell he really knew how to handle a boat and was one of only two drivers who could be trusted to drive the boat at night. I liked Ed, he was a good guy. I am sorry to hear the bad news and extend my sympathies to all his family and close friends at this time of loss.
Thursday 17 October 2002 09:03 GMT - Dublin, Ireland

116 Fergal Foley
The news was a shock, the floods of tributes were not. Ed, you will be sorely missed, all over the world.
Thursday 17 October 2002 09:05 GMT - Dublin

117 Mike Lonergan
I knew Ed as a HKFC Dynamic (the round ball game). He provided young legs to a team of old heads. His was a larger than life personality who transmitted his love of life and general enthusiasm to all who came into contact with him. He will be sorely missed.
My heartfelt condolences go to his family.
Thursday 17 October 2002 09:11 GMT - Hong Kong

118 Michael Wrigley
Happy go lucky, enthusiastic and a really genuine lad. Ed lived opposite from me and we would often bump into each other on our way to work and on the football field. Deepest sympathies to all the Waller family. God bless Ed.
Thursday 17 October 2002 09:11 GMT - Hong Kong

119 Mark Hanna (Sparky)
You will be sorely missed by all. I will miss the most wonderful friend anyone could have. My thoughts and deepest sympathys are with all the Waller Family at this time. I will never forget how you touched my life and everyone around you. Thinking of you always. Sparky
Thursday 17 October 2002 09:25 GMT - Ireland

120 Richard, Patricia & Tim Frost
A top man (Tim's words) and we will miss you terribly. Your unfailing good humour, enthusiasm and innate decency are just some of the attributes that marked you out as a very special friend indeed. God bless you.
Thursday 17 October 2002 09:33 GMT - Hong Kong

121 Camilla Church
Dear Ed,
You made the world a nicer place. You had time for everyone and a beautiful smile. Who can forget in Trinity how you were always surrounded by girls, we were your groupies and always will be. You are a very special friend. My thoughts are with Tom and your family xxxxx
Thursday 17 October 2002 09:35 GMT - UK

122 Marc Nally
I knew Ed only through Jocelyn's great fondness for him, which he always expressed. Jocelyn always said I should meet Ed, I would like him. His loss was so unnecessary. There is no point to bombing innocent people. I wish Jocelyn, Nilawan, Tom and all of Ed's family and friends great strength at this time and joy in future.
Thursday 17 October 2002 09:45 GMT - Russia

123 Eilis Murphy
You'll always be one of the good guys Ed. Thinking of you.
Thursday 17 October 2002 09:52 GMT - Dublin / London

124 Lucie Sanders
To all the Wallers, my thoughts are with you.
Thursday 17 October 2002 09:55 GMT - Wales

125 Breige McGuckian
Dear Ed, so full of laughter and love. God Bless You
Thursday 17 October 2002 09:56 GMT - London

126 Emma Sherrard
You will be sorely missed Ed.
My thoughts, prayers and love are with your family and friends all over the world.
Thursday 17 October 2002 09:59 GMT - Hong Kong

127 Claire and Dave
Ed never forgot a face and made friends so easily. I remember his birthday party this year at Stauntons in HK. The place was totally packed with all his mates and he chatted to everyone - he was on a social high the whole evening. That was Ed always smiling, always time to chat, and of course with a beer in hand!
Thursday 17 October 2002 10:08 GMT - Hongkers

128 Lola Anne Leech
Love and best wishes to the Waller family. Thinking of you all at this time. Take care.
Thursday 17 October 2002 10:26 GMT - Ireland

129 Síofra O'Donovan
The wealth of tributes on this page is a testament to the loss that Ed's family and friends have suffered. My clearest memory of Ed is of his huge smile and infectious laugh. And of losing all his history notes just before exams! My deepest sympathy to his family.
Thursday 17 October 2002 10:28 GMT - Ireland

130 David Stephens
Truly tragic and utterly unjust.
I know Tom, and although I never met Ed, if things had turned out differently I should have been with him in Sari club on Saturday night.
Clearly, Ed is and always will be a special person - a truly 'great' man loved and cherished by so many family and friends from all over the globe.
My heart and prayers go out to Ed's family and friends at this very distressing time.
The scant consolation I can offer is that Ed's last day was gorgeously sunny and that his last moments were spent surrounded by friends, laughing with drink in hand. The end came quickly and the suffering was brief.
Thursday 17 October 2002 10:31 GMT - London, UK

131 Babita Ambekar
I am one of Ed's workmates from LexisNexis in Hong Kong.

Ed was a lively and outgoing person and never hesitated to help out a colleague who needed a hand.

I knew him for only a few months and the one thing that struck me in particular about his character was that he seemed to strive for the best in everything that he did.

We will miss him here at LexisNexis and our thoughts go out to his family and loved ones.
Thursday 17 October 2002 10:37 GMT - Hong Kong

132 Susan Dalgety ( nee Waller )
I only met Ed as a child but spent many happy days at Drumaneer, My heart felt sympathy to the family.
Thursday 17 October 2002 15:04 GMT - England

133 Andrew Dailly
I knew Ed through the HK rugby social scene. He was always poping up at either the 10's or the 7s offering a beer. Every memory I have of him encompasses a friendly smile. Top lad! Such a tragedy.
Thursday 17 October 2002 15:09 GMT - London

134 Charles Bugge
Whenever i think of Ed i remember great times in Hong Kong, London, Cork or where ever it happened to be. A true friend who will be missed greatly.
Thursday 17 October 2002 15:11 GMT - Coventry, UK

135 Tania Banotti
To all the Waller family, but particularly our friend Tom, our deepest sympathy on such a shocking shocking tragedy. Our thoughts are with you.

From Tania, Tom, Eoin, all the E.A.V.E. gang and all your friends in film in Dublin Tom.
Thursday 17 October 2002 15:13 GMT - Dublin, Ireland

136 Phelim Pekaar
I met Ed through Hockey in TCD, he never failed to make you laugh and was gauranteed to lift your spirits. Time with Ed was time well spent. My deepest sympathies to Tom, Jocelyn and Nilawan
Thursday 17 October 2002 15:14 GMT - Dub, Ireland

137 Lyons O'Keeffe
Ed was the kind of guy who always put everyone at their ease and was great fun to be around. Like all the Wallers, he was a great party host. Last time I met him he was conducting a “chewing gum” survey on Grafton Street in Dublin...I still havent finished all the free packs he gave me!
My greatest sympathy to Tom and the rest of the Family
Thursday 17 October 2002 15:22 GMT - London

138 Raymond Scott
Tom- what dreadful news. I am so sorry. You must be devestated.My condolences to you and all your family
Thursday 17 October 2002 15:22 GMT - London

139 Duncan Burns
I met Ed when I was working in H.K. in 99/00. A great drinking companion and very friendly and fun to be with! My sincere condolences to all the Wallers. Ed, I know its a cliche, but the world is definitely a duller place without you.
Thursday 17 October 2002 15:25 GMT - UK

140 Nigel & Evelyn

I speak for so many of your friends and colleagues when I share the words of that Jana Stanfield classic:

“If I had only known it was our last walk in the rain
I'd keep you out for hours in the storm
I would hold your hand, like a lifeline to my heart
And underneath the thunder we'd be warm
If I had only known it was our last walk in the rain

If I had only known I'd never hear your voice again
I'd memorise each thing you ever said
And on these lonely nights, I could think of them once more
And keep your words alive inside my head
If I had only known I'd never hear your voice again”

And to think that you insisted on buying the last lunch leaving me oweing you one! Your generosity was intense.............
Thursday 17 October 2002 15:28 GMT - Hong Kong

141 Patrick Leavy
I met Ed a number fo years ago at Cork Week and we had a great time.... he stood out as being fun-loving, easy-going and uncynical. I guess it's true: only the good die young.
not fair. not fair at all.
Thursday 17 October 2002 15:38 GMT - London

142 Stephen McLoughlin
Ed, a true gent whose vivacious personality and zest for life will be sorely missed by all whose lives he touched. My deepest condolences to his family and friends.
Thursday 17 October 2002 15:40 GMT - Dublin

143 Malachy O'Neill
I smile every time I think of you Ed. You were always such fun to be around. We're so lucky to have known you. My deepest condolences to Tom and all your family. Love, Malachy.
Thursday 17 October 2002 15:43 GMT - London

144 Charles Blackwell
Ed was my head of house when I arrived at Ampleforth as a frightened 10 year old. His strength of character and level of compassion were evident immediately - he will be sorely missed. Love and prayers to his family at this horribly difficult time.
Thursday 17 October 2002 15:44 GMT - Manchester

145 Séamus Murphy-Mitchell
My deepest condolences to the Waller family.
Thursday 17 October 2002 15:49 GMT - Belfast

146 Eve O'Donnell
Deepest Sympathies to the Waller family. Ed was loved by so many and all these tributes to him more than reflect this. He will be greatly missed.
Thursday 17 October 2002 15:58 GMT - Dublin - Ireland

147 Fr Francis Dobson
Many of us at Ampleforth have prayed and thought of Ed these last few days. The whole school prayed today at their assembly for Ed. He has been remembered at Mass and Matins in the Abbey Church, and in his old house, St Aidan's - and I know in many other houses. It has been a special privilege to read and share the thoughts of those who have written here. The Panosonic Room [with many links to the Wallers] has a special notice. The photographs and words bring back the generosity and caring nature of Ed.

Francis Dobson
Thursday 17 October 2002 16:00 GMT - UK

148 Angela McConville
Dear Ed,
You were someone who delighted in the good things life had to offer, our very own Gatsby.
I remember with great fondness the night you and Tom descended upon The Hairy Lemon in Paris and later we partied in Chatelet late into the night.
You will be toasted often, Love Angela.

Thursday 17 October 2002 16:19 GMT - London

149 Lucy Hayes
Ed, You were one of the greatest of friends, your magnetism drew us all around you in Dublin. So full of life and infectious enthusiasm, and your Chelsea fanatacism- remember the peroxide hair and the blue painted face?!- convinced even a football heathen like myself of the virtues of the game. So many great memories. Love you Ed and miss you sorely. xxooxLucy
Thursday 17 October 2002 16:29 GMT - Nicaragua

150 Charlie Powner
Ed was one of the nicest boys anyone could hope to meet - a smile for everyone. My deep felt condolences to everyone who knew him well - I cannot imagine how much you will miss him. He will stay in our thoughts forever.
Thursday 17 October 2002 16:33 GMT - London

151 stephen rigney
goodbye ed, you will always be missed and never forgotten.
Thursday 17 October 2002 16:37 GMT - barcelona

152 Charlie Grace
Many thoughts and prayers go out to all the Waller family at this very difficult time. Was at SHAC with Ed and have found memories of him playing the oboe in the school orchestra. RIP.
Thursday 17 October 2002 16:38 GMT - London, UK

153 Toby White
Ed. To think I stayed in your room at Free Trade Wharf for months and the number of times you came by you always insisted on sleeping on the couch! Your generosity was unparalleled. I will never now be able to buy you that beer to say thanks...
Thursday 17 October 2002 16:49 GMT - London

154 Robert Tyrrell
I guess those who shine twice as bright sometimes cannot shine as long....
All my memories of Ed are full, technicoloured and happy....
Keep shining Ed.
Thursday 17 October 2002 16:55 GMT - Sligo

155 Charlie Carroll
Such a sad loss, my thoughts go out to his family and friends. I met Ed on a few occasions playing hockey, a larger than life character who will be missed by all.
Thursday 17 October 2002 16:57 GMT - Ireland

156 Damien Voizard
I saw you last month in Las Vegas, smiling and laughing and I cannot believe you are gone. I always had so much fun with you on and off a rugby pitch. God bless you.
Thursday 17 October 2002 16:59 GMT - Chicago, USA

157 Juni Ross
You played with me and I with you, when we were just babes. I'd always here stories about you as the years went by, from Tom and Mum. I hope you can hear all of us now as we send big kisses of love and joy, and I hope you are happy and safe. Happy in the knowledge that we are all thinking about you.x juni.x
Thursday 17 October 2002 17:46 GMT - Waterloo, London, United Kingdom

Thursday 17 October 2002 17:56 GMT - DUBLIN , IRELAND

159 Liam Tayler
I will never forget the first film we made together, remember Robin Hood? You have always held a starring role in everything you have done. In the 20 years we have known each other, you will always be my best friend next door, you will be sorely missed.
Thursday 17 October 2002 18:01 GMT - Barcelona

160 Doug Flannery
I have been on so many tours with Ed that they begin to run together (the parts I remember), I played Rugby with Ed for three seasons, and generally hung out with him for three years. Through all the touring, rugby, partying, and drinking I don't ever remember Ed without a smile on his face - even when I made him captain! I could really do with his smile now - it was infectious.
Thursday 17 October 2002 18:10 GMT - NY, USA

161 Tom and Anne Day
Dear Ed,
Our hearts are heavy.We shall never forget your kindness to the Day family when Philip died,flying to us at once to offer us comfort.You brought us a bunch of rare lilies from the market in Changmai,wrapped in wet newspaper.The wonderful sent lingered in the house for two weeks.The good Lord will look after you now.With heartfelt sympathy to Jocelyn,Pik,Tom,Hardress,Lygia,family and his legion of friends.We were privileged to have known you.
With love,
Tom and Anne Day
Thursday 17 October 2002 18:11 GMT - Dublin, Ireland

162 Simon Whelan
A great friend lost in tragic circumstances bejond comprehension. I knew Ed to be a fine sailor and dear friend. My heart goes out to the waller family at this time. Ed you were the soul of any party and i will never forget the times we had in dromineer.
Thursday 17 October 2002 18:21 GMT - Southampton, United Kingdom

163 Sarah Flannery
A crowd of 10+ people flew in from all corners of the world to meet up with Ed in Las Vegas in September. My last memory of Ed is him bouncing around the dance floor of the casino New York NY, making sure everyone was having a good time. He will be sadly missed by all who knew him. My condolences to his family.
Thursday 17 October 2002 18:37 GMT - NY - USA

164 Robin Tottenham
Ed, Your tragic and untimely death has come as an enormous shock to all. You were one of a kind, a great friend. Many, many great memories on the Shannon and Dublin alike, will be cherished forever. Totts
Thursday 17 October 2002 18:42 GMT - Ireland

165 Annie
What a great guy. My sentiments reflect the hundreds that are here. He will be sorely missed. Life can be so unfair.
Thursday 17 October 2002 18:43 GMT - St Charles, MO, USA

166 Christian Hammerbeck
Part of an e-mail I sent to another close friend of Ed best describes my abiding memory of Ed (apologies on length):

It's funny, I'm sitting on the train right now in denial, unable to open the
paper and feeling sick to the stomach. I'm heading
Thursday 17 October 2002 18:45 GMT - London

167 James and Jane O'Donoghue
To the Waller Family; Hardress,Lygia,Jocelyn,Pik and particulary Tom,our heartfelt sympathies go to you at this deeply saddening time.Our most recent memory of Ed handing over euros for raffle tickets at the Midsummer Nights Ball, his quips and good humoured banter were special.He looked great,smart contemporary Black Tie without the tie.His memory will linger long around the Shannon with his his broad net of family and friends - he will rest in peace.
Thursday 17 October 2002 18:53 GMT - Ireland

168 Christine Dal Bello
I only met Ed in person once but that brief encounter confirmed all that I had heard about him from mutual friends beforehand -- and all that is written here on this website. That he was an incredibly warm-hearted person who loved life and lived every day to its fullest. It is so sad that he will no longer be able to spread all that joy. My deepest condolences to his family and countless friends.
Thursday 17 October 2002 18:57 GMT - Jakarta

169 Olivia James
Dear Ed, I didn´t know you as well as I know Tom, but I will miss your smiling happy face. My heart goes out to everyone in your family. May you rest in peace.
Thursday 17 October 2002 19:07 GMT - Spain

170 Christine Delany
To the beautiful brown eyed boy that is Ed, you lived life like no other person I've ever met. The 'hut' was always my first stop off point arriving in Dromineer and I will miss opening the door to your smiling face. Our lives will never be the same without you. You will always be in our hearts. I love you xxxxxxx
Thursday 17 October 2002 19:58 GMT - Dublin

Thursday 17 October 2002 19:59 GMT - EDINBURGH

172 Jennifer Ross-Murphy
Dear Ed

All my love to you who gave all of yours to everyone whose life you touched

Jen xo
Thursday 17 October 2002 20:16 GMT - Amsterdam

173 Colin Lunn
A great person and captain of the Mighty Select who will be sorely missed.
My heartfelt condolences to all his family.
Thursday 17 October 2002 20:39 GMT - Hong Kong

174 Jennifer Toettcher
Ed knew how to live life to the full, always doing something, usually organising parties and fun and thinking of everyone he possibly could to invite. I'll never forget how three of us rented a pick-up truck for a day, to go to a waterfall in Thailand, and by the time we came back we were a party of nine.
All the best fun I've had was with Ed; Chicago, Thailand, Hong-Kong, China, Garraunfada.
I will miss him dearly and remember him fondly.

My thoughts are with his family and I hope they take some comfort from knowing how much Ed was loved by us all.
Thursday 17 October 2002 21:19 GMT - Ireland

175 Becky Dimyan
Dearest Ed
You were always happy, generous, kind and lots of fun to be with. Your energy was inspiring and I will never forget the times I spent with you. I will miss you and my sympathies are with your family.
Rest in peace, love as always
Becky xxx
Thursday 17 October 2002 21:46 GMT - Cardiff

176 MM
Something so far away now so close to home :(

That smile and the happy, infectious aura will live on for us all Ed.

Sleep well

Thursday 17 October 2002 21:49 GMT - Dublin/London

177 Sarah Slattery
Do you remember our conversation on the swings in Dromineer? I still think of that sometimes. This is a belated 'thank you' for your help.
I will always remember what you did for me and what you meant to me. In eternal love and friendship, Sarah xxxx
Thursday 17 October 2002 21:50 GMT - Freiburg, Germany

178 Simon Wiggs
A wonderfully dedicated sportsman and a top bloke as well! You will never be forgotten.
Thursday 17 October 2002 22:49 GMT - Ex Hong Kong now living in Sydney

179 richard ashworth
Deepest sympathy to Jos,Pik and Tom at this sad and devastating time...our prayers and thoughts are with you ....Ed was a special person we'll remember with great affection...Richard,Mimi,Melissa and Melinee
Thursday 17 October 2002 22:51 GMT - Hong kong

180 Jonathan Weissler
My heartfelt condolences go out to Tom and family at the loss of such a vital and from reading this book of tributes -a legendary man...
Thursday 17 October 2002 23:25 GMT - United Kingdom

181 John Keith
Ed's relaxed genius proved rewarding for our team (the Mighty Select) and galling for his team mates. A common on pitch description - hands, palms forward, on the back of his hips, meandering toward the game albeit leaning back on his heels as he walked t
Friday 18 October 2002 00:29 GMT - Hong Kong

182 Damian Maloney
Ed, I'll never forget your infectious good humour and generosity. Your passion for life and living it to the max enhanced the lives of all of us who were fortunate enough to count you as a friend.... and what a friend. I'll miss you mate.
Friday 18 October 2002 00:33 GMT - Sydney/ Tipperary

183 Estée Farrar
Ed you will be missed by many people, but I am sure that you are remembered by the fact that you were an awesome person so full of the joie de vivre and happiness. I am also certain that people wil remember you with only the fondest memories. I met you on several occasions... the trip to Thailand and in Hong Kong, when I came and met up with Kirsty and the gang. Lots of memories, wonderful times.

You were an example to us all. Take care, wherever you are.

My deepest sympathy for the Waller family, my feelings are with you, as will be the feelings of countless others. Kia Kaha.
Friday 18 October 2002 01:14 GMT - New Zealand

184 Liz Whittaker
Cheers Ed. A wonderful man who lived and loved every second of life. We are all better for having known you. You live on in our hearts and memories. My thoughts are with your family at this tragic time.
Friday 18 October 2002 01:32 GMT - Dublin, Ireland

185 Peter and Bev
We drank a toast to you last night and we imagined your sheepish grin that beamed and lit up so many lives. We will miss your style and your rebel heart. We are glad to have known you and to have called you our mate.
Friday 18 October 2002 02:06 GMT - Hong Kong

186 Robbie Collins ex Mighty Select
Ed and I talked about a squash game at HKFC - must have been 10 months ago. It got cancelled and re-scheduled numerous times. I last saw Ed about a week before Bali and again the squash game was back on. He was going to tell me about Lexus Nexus. I'll be taking a 'rain-cheque' on the squash game for the moment.

Ed had a love a life - that was very apparent - and touched a lot of lives.

God be with him.

My thoughts are with his family and friends and all the other families and friends impacted by Bali.
Friday 18 October 2002 02:16 GMT - Hong Kong

187 WaiKit, Leong
To a great man, an inspirational colleague and a wonderful friend. My prayers and thoughts are with you.

“I know for certain that we never lose the people we love, even to death. They continue to participate in every act, thought and decision we make. Their love leaves an indelible imprint in our memories. We find comfort in knowing that our lives have been enriched by having shared their love.”
Leo Buscaglia
Friday 18 October 2002 02:41 GMT - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

188 Charles Hay
I knew Ed through my son who was at Ampleforth with him . When he had newly arrived in Hong Kong , we met and discovered a shared interest in sailing. In no time he had arranged for me to join him racing their boat in the Kings Cup , including picking me up at the airport and arranging accomodation.An act of true kindness when I had thought that it was me that should have been helping him .
Ed , you will be sorely missed but fondly remembered .
Friday 18 October 2002 02:44 GMT - Hong Kong

189 Gault Rice
Ed was an occasional crew member on the yacht Struan and was always more than welcome, not only for his sailing skills, but more importantly for the fun and laughter (and the girls) which came on board with him. He is greatly missed.
Friday 18 October 2002 02:48 GMT - Hong Kong

190 Ken Man
Ed was my work colleague, and I have to say this: It was never quiet or dull with Ed around and he approached work and all aspects of life with zest. He was generous and quick to share his joy with those around him. He is missed dearly.
Friday 18 October 2002 02:53 GMT - Hong Kong

191 Maria Tsalapatis
Favourite Ed,

I believe you are this gigantic warm intercultural magnetic field... You embrace people from all over the world, make no diversions, make people meet other people, take people you have only just met under your wings and take so good c
Friday 18 October 2002 03:15 GMT - Long Beach, California, US

192 Benjamin To
Ed was one of my closest friends who I have known for over 13 years. He was the first person I met when I arrived the valley of Ampleforth. His friendly and cheerful character has always brought laughs and happiness among us. With his positive and courageous attitude to life, he has never failed to bring friends together. There were so many good memories of Ed that will never be forgotten. He will always be remembered and missed dearly. My heartfelt condolences to Jocelyn, Nilawan, Thomas and all of Ed's friends.
Friday 18 October 2002 03:16 GMT - Hong Kong

193 David Lambert
I didnt know Ed well, but played football with him one night after he finished rugby training (where did he get his energy from?!) and used to pass the time of day with him at the Club.

He clearly enriched many people's lives and it is cruel that he has been taken away from his family and friends.

My deepest sympathies are with you all.
Friday 18 October 2002 03:35 GMT - Hong Kong

194 Rob Littlefair
I play against Ed on the hockey pitch. The first match that I played against him, he turned up with what must have been his oldest pair of trainers that had absolutely no grip left on them. He then spent most of the game on his backside after some spectac
Friday 18 October 2002 03:40 GMT - Hong Kong

195 Gina Littlefair
Last time I saw Ed was at a champagne brunch at the Football Club. He'd just played squash and was recalling that weekend's football match and looking forward to future hockey and rugby games. And planning to hike a stage of the Maclehose trail with frien
Friday 18 October 2002 03:42 GMT - Hong Kong

196 Michael Bayly
Ed, a true friend to all.

It is only since this terrible tragedy has happened that I realize how much of a great friend you were to me.
I only wish I got to know you better.
It is obvious how much you were loved and I have great memories of you that will always be with me.
Friday 18 October 2002 03:52 GMT - Sydney / Tipperary

197 Peter McMillan
Although we had lost touch in recent times there was always the odd half an hour or so available to stop and chat if our paths ever crossed, whether it be in the pub or on the sports field. My thoughts go out to his family and friends.
Friday 18 October 2002 03:55 GMT - Hong Kong

198 Syra Agnew
I knew Ed from Trinity. My deepest sympathies to his family and friends around the world at this very sad time.
Friday 18 October 2002 04:06 GMT - Sydney -- ex Hong Kong and Dublin.

199 Tej Bunnag
Dear Jocelyn and Khun Nilawan,
Please accept my heartfelt condolences.
Yours sincerely,
Tej Bunnag

Friday 18 October 2002 04:32 GMT - Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bangkok, Thailand

200 Tim O'Connor
Ed, my lasting memory is sculling a beer with you and the other team Captains at this years Captains dinner. You displayed an unrivalled passion for the Club which I only hope we can continue in your memory.
Friday 18 October 2002 04:35 GMT - Hong Kong

201 Michael Waller
Dear Ed,
As one of your distant cousins, I look through the tributes and pictures from those who loved you, and am sorry I never met you. To Jocelyn and the rest of the family, I hope our paths cross before too long. Our hearts are with you.
Friday 18 October 2002 04:56 GMT - Bethesda, Maryland/Washington, DC USA

202 Lucho Portocarrero
You came to the “F's”as I left for the “E's” but I briefly got to know and appreciate the kind of person you were. Ed and the others will be sorely missed. My condolonces to your family but my congratulations as well for having made of you such a great human being
Friday 18 October 2002 06:00 GMT - Hong Kong

203 Mom
Dear my son Edward,

I still remember when you were teenager, once you said to me “ Mom,do you know you are very lucky to have 2 good sons who never give you any troubles “. I know I have the privilege to be a mother of 2 good boys.

Edward, I don't understand how you can leave me this way. I love you and miss you very much.

Friday 18 October 2002 07:10 GMT - Thailand

204 Gaynor Stogdale
Just by looking at this site I realise how many hundreds of lives have been touched by Ed, and I am so proud to be one of them. I feel so lucky to have shared such great times and have so many wonderful memories of my cousin.
I will miss you so much Ed. xxx
Friday 18 October 2002 07:26 GMT - India

205 Betsy Bynum
Until now, “only the good die young” just sounded like a cliche to me, but not any more. Ed, you will be missed for reasons large and small. Among many other things, you were openminded and warmhearted; you cooked a fabulous green curry; you could command a sailboat even with a blinding hangover; and you were exceptionally good and loyal to your friends and family, as anyone could see from the tributes on this website. It was a pleasure to know you and I am heartbroken to have the opportunity to write this message. Love, Betsy
Friday 18 October 2002 07:29 GMT - California, USA

206 Elayne Greene
'And in the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures.....'
Ed, every image i have of you in my mind, you're smiling. Thankyou for brighteing so many lives.
my deepest sympathy to his family and eternal list of friends.
Friday 18 October 2002 10:25 GMT - London

207 Elaine Thompson
History tutorials were low priority for both Ed and myself. Banter in the Berkley and hockey tours/pubcrawls will always be remembered.Ed-always the perfect host.
Friday 18 October 2002 10:26 GMT - Dublin

208 Elaine Guinan
Ed, I will always remember your sparkling smile and energy. You will be missed .. especially by all who knew you in college through Dublin University Sailing Club. Rest in Peace.
Friday 18 October 2002 10:34 GMT - Dublin

209 Georgina Dunn
Ed, you will be sadly missed by us all. I count myself lucky to have known you in Hong Kong and priviledged to be able to count you as one of my friends. My deepest sympathy to your family.
Friday 18 October 2002 10:40 GMT - London/ Hong Kong

210 Gloria Yeung
U have been a great colleague! U have brought a lot of fun to the company!!
Last week, you had finally persuaded me to play rugby and introduce me to everybody in HKFC. What a fun game?
U were telling me how much you enjoy travelling and have been away at least once every month on holiday in the past 2 years. U told me that you will only be in Asia for a couple of years and that you have to make the most of it even that means you spend all your savings. You certainly have! I know you definitely have highlighted your life!! I admire you in every aspect!! Let me assure you, you will remain in everyone's heart forever and ever! U will be greatly missed!!
Friday 18 October 2002 10:40 GMT - Hong Kong

211 Linda Randall
I've had the good fortune to know Ed as a former colleague at his first job in HK, and I will miss him a lot as a dear friend and neighbour who was always willing to share his time. He was such a warm and outgoing person. My deepest sympathies to his family.
Friday 18 October 2002 10:44 GMT - Hong Kong

212 Ed Haynes
He was an absolute legend and will be missed.My thoughts and prayers are with the Wallers at this time and I will cherish our memories for the rest of my life.
Friday 18 October 2002 10:50 GMT - London

213 Stephen Gill
I am so sorry to hear about poor Ed. Deepest sympathies to Tom and the Waller family.

Rest in peace.
Friday 18 October 2002 10:52 GMT - Ireland

214 Tim Dunn
I had the great pleasure of knowing Ed having become friends after playing rugby in Hong Kong. He was someone i will never forget and will miss him greatly. He was a friend, player and gentleman and will be missed by many.My thoughts and prayers are with the Waller Family
Friday 18 October 2002 11:05 GMT - London

215 Tom Gaynor
A long time since I was at school and knew Ed, but I do remember that he was always a good bloke and invariably up to something!

Friday 18 October 2002 11:11 GMT - London

216 Sinead Kelly-Keating
Dearest Ed,
I feel so lucky to have known you. Your smile and good-humour were infectious, and your friendship truely precious. You will always be missed. God bless.

Deepest sympathies to Ed's family and friends.
Friday 18 October 2002 11:27 GMT - Dublin

217 Myles Anderson
I haven't seen Ed for a few years but remember him well.

He was a lovely guy with a great lust for life. He will be greatly missed but never forgotten.

All my thoughts and best wishes go out to his family.
Friday 18 October 2002 11:28 GMT - London

218 John Eyres
Tom and Family, my thoughts and those of my Mom (who spent the day watching tennis with Charlotte Craigie and Ed at Wimbledon this year) are with you and your family.

Ed, what can we say, you were a great guy.
Friday 18 October 2002 11:32 GMT - Ireland

219 Jasper Bell
I was extremely sad to hear the news.

My prayers are with you at this upsetting time.
Friday 18 October 2002 12:03 GMT - London

220 james and deirdre odriscoll
Deirdre and I will always remember Ed
for his enthusiasm for life, for his
love of sport and his sportmanship
but above all for his gift of warm and
sincere friendship. We know that the
Lord will have already welcomed Ed to
eternal happiness.
Our sincere sympathies to the Waller
family at this most difficult time.

Friday 18 October 2002 12:12 GMT - ireland

221 Ross Gillanders
Over 300 messages and growing -

“Think where man's glory most begins and ends
And say my glory was I had such friends”

Honoured to have drunk, played and laughed with you.
Friday 18 October 2002 12:22 GMT - Dublin

222 Michael Ellis
Such a great bloke, you will be sorely missed. My thoughts are with all the Waller family.
Friday 18 October 2002 12:24 GMT - Hong Kong

223 Sara Lane
Of the few times i met him, ed was always a perfect gentleman: charming, witty, kind! He made both my trips to Hong Kong a real pleasure - the city just won't be the same without him - my condolences to all his close friends and family.
Friday 18 October 2002 12:40 GMT - Bangkok

224 Mandy Nolan
I did not know Ed well, but from the accounts gathered here, it is my loss that I didn't.
Ed seemed to me a happy, popular bloke and he will be sorely missed by many.
My deepest sympathy to the Waller family.
Friday 18 October 2002 12:44 GMT - Dublin

225 Catherine Rutter (Friend of Ed's flatmate, Kirsty)
I just can not believe the tragic news, having visited Kirsty in Hong Kong last summer and met you, Ed. This is a beautiful tribute to someone who will be greatly missed by their family and friends. Rest in Peace, Catherine XXX
Friday 18 October 2002 12:46 GMT - Edinburgh, Scotland

226 Shirley Carroll
Ed, wherever you went you brought laughter and entertainment. With a sparkle in your eye and a spring to your step, you touched everyone who met you. I have so many happy memories of you, which will forever bring a smile to my face.
I will miss you terribly; you are one in a million.
May you rest in peace. All my love Shirls
Friday 18 October 2002 12:57 GMT

227 Adrienne Cheng
I am a very close work colleague of Ed's at LexisNexis. I actually sit right infront of him at work and see the same clients together. We had lots of lunches, coffee breaks together then meet up after work to encourage each other on our fitness program..
hiking up and down the HK Peak in the middle of the night.

I've always thought of Ed like my little brother. I miss him so much and in many ways I tell myself that he's on one of his many weekend vacations. Ed was well liked by everyone here in the office and had many many friends here in Hong Kong. He truly was one of a kind.
Friday 18 October 2002 12:58 GMT - Lexis Nexis, Hong Kong

228 Simon and Heather Benians
To all you so close to Ed, I cannot begin to imagine what you must be going through and how you must be suffering. our love and thoughts are with you. We shall always remember Ed as someone who loved life, he was determined to get as much out of life as h
Friday 18 October 2002 13:22 GMT - England

229 Teddy & Pauline Knight
Sincere sympathy to all the Wallers
from all the Knights and all the staff
at Shannon Sailing .
Friday 18 October 2002 14:09 GMT - Dromineer Nenagh Co. Tipperary

230 Simon Martelli
to Wally, for being a truly exceptional bloke and leaving us with such hilarious memories. much deep sympathy and love to Tom and your parents
Friday 18 October 2002 14:11 GMT - London

231 Jennifer Foo
hi ed...
i find it very difficult to come to terms that you're gone when it was only about this time last friday that i was talking to you on the telephone... if i had only known i'd never hear your voice again...
i have been praying and thinking of you these past few days.. closing my eyes and prayed that you'll come back... we're supposed to meet in hong kong this year-end, remember?
although we were only acquaintance, you'd showered me with such genuine friendship when you surprised me with a e-birthday card on the morning of my birthday sometime earlier last month...
it was a shame that i did not meet up with you last friday... and now i'd only know you better by reading through these tributes...
ed, wherever you are, know that you have a friend in me... and you'll be in my thoughts always...

Friday 18 October 2002 14:18 GMT - Singapore

232 Susana To
I was so deeply depressed to hear that Edward Waller had this tregedy. It is so unfair to have someone so brilliant and so welcome by others left us forever. I cannot believe that and I really feel so sorry for his parents and his brother to face this as reality.
We will pray for you, Ed, and we all love you.
Friday 18 October 2002 14:23 GMT - Hong Kong

233 James Regan
I sailed with Ed in Hong Kong. I also drank and played tennis with him. We had many laughs together. Life will not be as much fun without Ed. I will miss him dearly.
Friday 18 October 2002 14:33 GMT - Hong Kong

234 Alan and Justine Rynhart
The terrible news of Ed's death has come as an awful shock. Our prayers and love goes out to Tom, Jocelyn, Pic, Hardress and Lygia. We will miss Ed and at the same time never forget his charming personality and love for life.
From the Rynhart family
Friday 18 October 2002 14:56 GMT - Ireland

235 Pippa Waller
It's so very hard to realise that i won't be seeing you again Ed. But you make it hard for me to stay sad for long as i remember all the fabulous things about you and the great things you have done.

These tributes do you so much justice. I hope you knew how much you are loved (but i think you do).

When i think about you i end up smiling, remembering some of the adventures we have shared and the true affection that inspire. You always did your best to give 100% to everything and everyone and you made everyone who came to know you feel so valued. You are an example to all of us with your passion for enjoying life and the people in it and i will miss you deeply. I am so proud to have been your cousin and more importantly, your friend.

To Tom, Pik, Jocelyn, Hardress and Lygia - i am thinking of you. Your brother, son and grandson is a fine fine man. He lives on in all our hearts.
Friday 18 October 2002 15:00 GMT - Dublin

236 Tim Kevan
My thoughts and sympathies are with you and your family, Tom.
Friday 18 October 2002 15:03 GMT - London

237 Pammie Sharrock
Dearest Tom, I am so saddened to hear your tragic news. My thoughts are with you and your family. With love Pammiex
Friday 18 October 2002 15:14 GMT - England

238 Heidi Cullen
Ed was a very popoular guy who was liked by all who had the pleasure of knowing him. My deepest sympathy to all his friends and family.
Friday 18 October 2002 15:32 GMT - Dublin, Ireland

239 Sarah (nee Waller) and Charlie Vivian
When I told the boys on Monday that their cousin Ed was missing they said 'Oh I remember Ed - he's cool'. They wanted me to write to say how sad we all are. Love to Hardress and Lygia, Jocelyn, Pik and Tom from Sarah, Charlie, Arthur, Tommy and Oliver
Friday 18 October 2002 15:58 GMT - Cork, Ireland

240 Mary Walsh
Ed, my life is all the better because you have been a part of it. Thank you for your friendship, generosity and humour. I will miss you terribly.
Friday 18 October 2002 16:20 GMT - London (TCD/HK)

241 Mia Craig
Very sad to hear the tragic news. My deepest sympathy to Tom and to his parents and family.
Friday 18 October 2002 16:37 GMT - Dublin Ireland

242 Barbara Sheehy Skeffington
Ed, I still can't believe you're gone. I'll never forget the great times we had together in college. Most of all I'll remember what a wonderful host you were to me in Hong Kong. Thank you for everything. Love Babs.
Friday 18 October 2002 17:07 GMT - Dublin

243 Jeff Ryan
Ed,having first encountered you on the hockey pitch,then played cricket with you and finally sailed against you I shall always remember your social competitive spirit and infectious enthusiasm. Keep smiling!
Friday 18 October 2002 17:31 GMT - Dublin

244 Dave Hurley
I don't think I ever saw Ed in a bad mood. Rainy sunday afternoon football games were lit up by his friendly smile, infectious laugh and spectular goals. A true gentleman.
Friday 18 October 2002 18:01 GMT - Galway

245 Peter and Sarah Stogdale
My childrens reactionto Eds death speaks volumes for a human being who has touched everybodys heart.Your life so far,enriched so many peoples lives.This is the greatest testimoney anyone can acheive in such a short life.REST INPEACE ED.Y OU WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN
Friday 18 October 2002 18:11 GMT - MULL OF KINTYRE,ARGYLL,SCOTLAND.

246 John and Natalia Thomas
Our deep condolences to all Ed's family
Friday 18 October 2002 18:23 GMT - Vancouver

247 John Paul Lennon
It's been many years since I last met Ed but I have fond memories of he and Tom playing with my younger brothers as children in Ireland. Tragic as it is that he was taken so young and in such a senseless way, it is inspiring to read in these pages how full a life he lived and how many people he touched. My deepest sympathies to Jocelyn, Nilawan and Tom, Hardress and Lygia.
Friday 18 October 2002 18:43 GMT - New York

248 Ciara Vlaanderen
Dear Ed,
Thank you for all the fun.I can't believe you've gone.
My deepest symathy to Tom and your parents.
All my Love
Friday 18 October 2002 19:05 GMT - London

249 Kringle Lam
Ed is so cute, pleasant, enthusiastic and helpful, that we can believe he's still helping everyone out and forgotten that we're looking for him.

World without Ed is less lively.
Friday 18 October 2002 19:41 GMT - Hong Kong

250 Kenneth Lo
Ed, you are a warm and cheerful guy and very dedicated to your task. Surely you will be remembered.
Friday 18 October 2002 20:19 GMT - His ex-colleague in Hong Kong

251 Leonora Hammerbeck
Ed, someone told me that friends are like quiet angels who lift you up when you forget how to fly, you will always be my friend and always an angel.
loads of love and god bless
Friday 18 October 2002 21:20 GMT - Oxford

252 Mags, Gerry & the Delany Family
Our family has known the Wallers for four generations, being older than Ed he should have been around for the rest of our lives. Then Bali, when Ed was on a rugby tour. The world can be a cruel place.
Jocelyn, Pik, Tom, Hardrass & Lidgia, our thoughts are with you.
Friday 18 October 2002 21:44 GMT - Reading

253 Rachel Davis
My Dearest Ed,
You will be missed by so many people who love you. I will carry with me forever fondest memories, especially most recently a wonderful fun filled adventure together in Las Vegas.
You will remain in a very special place in my heart forever.
Love as always,
Rach. x
Friday 18 October 2002 22:20 GMT - Dublin

254 Charlie MacDermot-Roe
To Tom, and all the family. I am thinking of you all at this awful time and I am only sorry that I can't make it to Ireland to be with you, I will be thinking of you all next weekend. It has been a long time since I have seen any of you, but you are all very much in my thoughts at this time. Charlie
Friday 18 October 2002 22:46 GMT - Wessex Barracks, Germany. (Ampleforth 92)

255 Liam and Deirdre Maloney
Ed --- a lovable, friendly, happy young man with a great zest for life. He will be greatly missed by all who knew him. Deepest sympathy to all his family. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.
Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam dílis.
Friday 18 October 2002 22:51 GMT - Dromineer

256 Trish Slattery
Beautiful boy, I remember you at 19, with your broken brown boat shoes and your easy smile. Drinking coffee in our kitchen and telling your traveller's tales. Ed, may your spirit travel on, forever young. Trish
Friday 18 October 2002 23:12 GMT - Dublin, Ireland

257 Richard Hodgins
Ed, your generosity and friendship knew no bounds. I have fond memories of the time we spent together and will miss you always.
Saturday 19 October 2002 02:52 GMT - Australia

258 Linda Gillart
Dear Ed,
Thank you for being so kind and thoughtful and for making me feel so welcome in Derg.
I will remember you always.
Love Linda
Saturday 19 October 2002 03:09 GMT - Australia

259 Alastair & Tuppy Lane
Our deepest condolences to the Waller family. Ed's memory will live on in our hearts. “ A very special boy “!!
Saturday 19 October 2002 04:04 GMT - Bangkok

260 Stephen Nally
I am really sorry to hear this tragic news. My sincerest sympathy to Jocelyn and family.
Saturday 19 October 2002 04:29 GMT - USA

261 Kaprice Kea
Ed, you only popped into my life on a few occasions during the brief time that I knew you, but each was a distinct and special memory - a bruising overland trip to Angkor Wat, a cycling adventure in the hills of Pai and a wonderful Christmas in Chiang Mai.

So refreshing was your energy, enthusiasm, sensitivity and warmth. With our tragic loss, I that you were one of the rare men I have known who was truly good through and through. You shone.
Saturday 19 October 2002 05:21 GMT - Thailandrealise

262 Palee, Seema and family
We couldnt beleive you're gone. Its all happend so suden. Afterall we were waiting for you to come to visit us and have dinner together as you mentioned on 25th October 2002. We all miss you alot. You are like our son to us. May you rest in peace.

We love you
Saturday 19 October 2002 06:17 GMT - Chiangmai, Thailand

263 Honey (Lalita)
Ed, I still have a little hope that you will come back to us. I can't beleive you're gone. Though I knew you for four years but it felt like ages. Last time i talked to you that was in Msn and you said you're going to chiangmai and you'll have a bowling game with me and beat me like usual? Also you promise me that you'll come to Australia to visit cuz you missed out last time? I never thought we'll never have that game anymore and that i will never get to see you again :(

Remember people here use to think you are my brother? and you say “no we dont look alike” Well Ed, no matter what, you're always be a good friend and also a brother to me. May you rest in peace. I do miss you alot and will always.

Love always,

Honey (Lalita)
Saturday 19 October 2002 06:33 GMT - Melbourne, Australia

264 Powell's
Ed, if there were more people like you in the world it would be a better place. Our deepest sympathies to Hardress, Lygia, Joslyn, Pik, and Tom.
Saturday 19 October 2002 08:29 GMT - Dromineer, Ireland

265 Ben Ogden
Tom, I am so very sorry to hear the news of your brother Ed.
My thoughts are very much with you and your family at this very time.

Saturday 19 October 2002 08:59 GMT - England

266 Tatiana Olchanetzky
What a pleasure and privilege to have Ed in my team. So dynamic & full of energy, Ed was the life & soul of our office as much as he was at parties and in the sports he played. His enthusiasm, drive, and positive attitude made him win in business, in sport, in friendship, winning our hearts in the process. He was always caring and generous with everyone, thinking not of himself but of the greater good in everything he did. He really put his heart in what he did! His cheerful and happy personality, fun-loving nature and strong presence are being missed so much, leaving physical emptiness behind, but also the great spirit so characteristic of Ed!
Saturday 19 October 2002 09:19 GMT - Hong Kong

267 Aidan Knight
Ed, I was so shocked and saddened to hear of your passing. I remember you when you we were young, larger than life and so full of fun. deepest condolences to all the Wallers.
Ar Dheis Dé Go Raibh A Anam.
Saturday 19 October 2002 09:27 GMT - Dublin Ireland.

268 Mark & Bunny Wynter
Not a contemporary, I'm afraid, but we must have met at Jocelyn's house on the Shannon. Please accept our profound regrets at this terrible event. Every time I look at the famous picture of Silk nosediving I shall think that Ed was on the foredeck.
Saturday 19 October 2002 10:20 GMT - Cowes, Isle of Wight

269 Peter & Lucy Finlay
We offer our sincere condolences and prayers to the Waller family. Peter & Lucy Finlay
Saturday 19 October 2002 10:46 GMT - dublin Ireland

270 Jennifer Welker
I can still picture Ed's smile. He is the kind of person that would make an effort to get to know everyone and help anyone, whether he knew them or not. He is selfless. We work on the same floor, but in separate divisions. I spoke to him just days before he left for Bali. On that same evening when he was about to leave the office, a young couple came to the door asking for assistance. Rather than ignore them or asking them to come back during office hours, he helped them out. That is just the kind of person Ed is. I respect that so much, and I wanted his parents to know that they raised an exceptional son and should be proud. On that tragic evening, I am sure he was equally selfless. I am very sorry for what has happened. In his absence, I have come to cherish those around me even more. His smile will never disappear.
Saturday 19 October 2002 11:08 GMT - Hong Kong

271 Tom Steuart-Feilding
What can I say that doesnt echo the hundreds of messages already here? Ed was my head of house in Aidans when I joined Ampleforth back in 1993, we all knew in the house that we were fortuate to have a person like Ed in charge because not only was he fair and genuine, but also approachable and friendly.

It is such an unnecesary waste and my thougths and condolances go out to the Wallers and all who knew him.
Saturday 19 October 2002 12:10 GMT - Bristol, UK

272 Keith (SG) - HKFC Sequins Captain
I would like to express my, and those of the HKFC Sequins rugby team, sorrow and extreme sadness at this terrible tragedy. Our thoughts and prayers are with Ed's family and friends.

I played regularly against Ed (and indeed with him for the Hockey Section F team) and have the utmost respect
for him - I sat having a beer with him just over a week ago, just after our local derby 'Sequins vs Select'. He was both gracious and proud in victory - I will miss his ever happy demeanour off the pitch and greatly miss our personal tussles on the pitch. My sincere condolences to the Waller family.
Saturday 19 October 2002 13:08 GMT - HKFC Sequins, Hong Kong

273 Laurence Brown
I am deeply, deeply saddened to hear that you and your family have lost your
brother, Ed, in this abominable outrage. I did not know your brother but have encountered him through the words of your email and want to offer my deepest sympathy to you and to your family.

Ed, you and your family will be in my prayers.
Saturday 19 October 2002 13:13 GMT - London, UK

274 Julian Fattorini
It's heartbreaking that such a senseless tragedy should happen to such a great guy. Ed's passion for life was legendary and he will be remembered with great love by all who had the honour of knowing him.
My deepest sympathies to Ed's family; you and he are all in my thoughts and prayers.
Saturday 19 October 2002 13:32 GMT - London

275 Graham & Carolyn Aldrich
Ed breezed into the Boatique in the summer of 1997 and organized a posse to help us move. The lively conversations adn reminiscences of his Dad's and my early days at the end of the work day over a few “staff beers” made a stressful time for us bearable. We declared within minutes of meeting Ed that he could charm the birds off the trees.
The scale and depth of love and feelings of loss displayed on this site is a remarkable tribute to a young man, and is an inspiration to us all to live every day to it's full.
Jocelyn, Pik and Tom, we cannot imagine how you can cope with his loss, but perhaps there is some comfort in the knowledge that in his short life he touched many hearts.
Graham & Carolyn
Monday 21 October 2002 01:45 GMT - Hong Kong

276 Adam Hatfield

I remember you well from many summers on the Shannon. From reading these tributes I see how many peoples lives including mine that you've touched. It was a privilege knowing you. My condolences to Tom and all your family and friends.

Monday 21 October 2002 02:11 GMT - Sydney, Australia

277 Rachel Atallah and Scott Moore
The first time I met Ed was through work. He was professional yet jovial (and thought nothing of teasing me!). The next time I saw him he was wearing a very loud floral shirt, drinking and cheering with his buddies at the Hong Kong sevens. I continued to
Monday 21 October 2002 03:18 GMT - Hong Kong

278 John McCann
I met you at your bday party at Staunton's (also Ebe's Going Away) and recall thinking to myself that I would like to get to know this guy better as it seemed we shared occasional debauch in common. I wish I would have followed through. Warmest regards to your family and countless friends.
Monday 21 October 2002 03:41 GMT - Hong Kong

279 Paul Meggison & Montrchet
King's Cup, Phuket 1999. We'd sailed in from Hong Kong short of crew. Ed and his girls fitted in, as anyone who knows, like only Ed could do. With Ed we won the Cruising Division, without him we would not. The very nature of a man who is a fine example for others to follow.
The world will be a worse place without Ed.
Will meet again!
Meggo and Crew
Monday 21 October 2002 05:34 GMT - Wagga Wagga, Australia

280 Andrew Lee
Although I met Edward not long ago, but his passionate dedication to people and friendship will truly be missed. My heart felt condolences go out to all his family.
Monday 21 October 2002 06:27 GMT - Hong Kong

281 Charles Orton-Jones
Ed- so many fond memories. Cramming before exams, having a quiet pint up at the pav. Take it easy old friend
Monday 21 October 2002 08:39 GMT - Trinity Collge Dublin

282 Alfonso Lacave
My deepest condolences to Ed´s Family and friends.
Monday 21 October 2002 08:52 GMT - Spain

283 Alan Hodgins
Top man, you knew how to have fun. I'll always remember you for the summers in Derg and of course the luxurious 'Hut'.
Sympathies to Tom and all the family.
Monday 21 October 2002 08:52 GMT - London

284 Harry Scrope
Very sorry to hear the news. You are in our prayers.
Monday 21 October 2002 09:14 GMT - UK

285 Ronan Hanna
I remember Ed from long ago at LDYC. He was fun-loving, generous and always, always happy. My deepest condolences to all his family and friends.
Monday 21 October 2002 09:34 GMT - Dublin/ex-LDYC

286 The Hong Kong Office
To Ed?s family and friends,

We keep waiting for Ed to arrive at the office. He had this way, especially when arriving in the morning, of moving very quickly and efficiently to his desk - literally breezing by, jacket over his arm and computer bag s
Monday 21 October 2002 09:35 GMT - Hong Kong

287 Vichai Kanjanapattana
éÑéèÕèèÕÕèI feel very sad about this event. I and my family wished that Ed Waller will be in the land of God. I can remember the time that I stay with you in London I will kept it in my memories. Let God bless you.
Monday 21 October 2002 10:01 GMT - Bangkok, Thailand

288 Jozef Mycielski
I was at school with Ed and Tom but a couple of years older. I have seen Tom a number of times since SHAC but not Ed. It has been difficult to think of anything else recently and my thoughts and prayers are with Tom and his family. Love Jozef
Monday 21 October 2002 10:15 GMT - Ampleforth College

289 Esther Gerrard
I am so sorry to hear about Ed, he was a lovely person. My deepest condolences to the Waller family at this tragic and sad time.
Monday 21 October 2002 10:23 GMT - Tipperary/London

290 Tanut Waroonkun
Ed, Shock to hear the news form Khun Boonsang,it is very sad for me. We always play Golf together when you are in Chiang Mai, Thailand. October 20, Sunday we play golf with your Dad, me and Khun Boonsang. This is to dedicate you, hopefully you enjoy this game. Goodbye Ed, I will remember you all the time.
Monday 21 October 2002 10:24 GMT - Thailand

291 Lynne Mulholland
Ed, I'm certain that you're still entertaining everyone and flirting with the angels. See you later honey.
Monday 21 October 2002 10:31 GMT - Hong Kong

292 Peter Kirby
I am so sorry to hear about your terrible loss, I met Ed briefly in Hong Kong last year. He seemed tremendously happy, enthusiastic and full of life. My thoughts and prayers are with you as are I am sure everyone who knew and loved him.
Monday 21 October 2002 10:52 GMT - London

293 Emilie
Thanks to Ed for all his laughter, hospitality and generosity. His loss is deeply felt. My deepest sympathies go out to his family and the many, many close friends he had.
Monday 21 October 2002 11:06 GMT - Trinity

Monday 21 October 2002 11:09 GMT - DROMINEER,IRELAND

295 Tom and Aisling McWilliam
Deepest deepest sympathies to Ed's family, such a shocking waste of a young life, one that played an important part in so many people's lives. The Shannon will be a lot quieter.
Monday 21 October 2002 11:29 GMT - Hamble, England

296 Peter Kirby
I was in Tom's year at Ampleforth so I cant really say I knew Ed. I have been reading the endless stream of tributes on this site and I am overwhelmed by the sheer depth of love , warmth and affection shared by everyone who knew and loved him. I am genuinely sorry not to have known him. In my earlier rather inadequate tribute I mentioned having met Ed very briefly in Hong Kong. In that brief glimpse of Ed as a man rather than the boy I would sometimes see around school, I can really say I was struck by the wealth of character and the traits people have been mentioning in their memories of him. To Tom and your family, I am so deeply sorry. You must be so proud to have had such a wonderful, wonderful son and brother. How comforting it must be to read these messages and to see how truly loved and cherished he is.
Monday 21 October 2002 11:55 GMT - Ampleforth 1984-92

297 Charles Carnegy
I knew Ed at SHAC. My thoughts and prayers go out to the whole Waller family for such a tragic loss.
Monday 21 October 2002 12:55 GMT - London

298 Laurence Brown
I did not know Ed but have known Tom for a number of years through the film industry and I was enormously saddened to read his email about Ed. I send deepest condolences to Tom and all his family on losing Ed from their lives. My own family has just suffe
Monday 21 October 2002 13:13 GMT - London, friend of Tom's

299 Miguel Morenés
My deepest condolences to his family and friends. In tragedies such as this, one gets to know how unfair life is sometimes.
Monday 21 October 2002 13:14 GMT - (Ampleforth College St. Oswald's 95) Barcelona, Spain

300 Aidan Cooney
Words cannot describe! I was also at Shac with the Wallers and you are in all of our thoughts and prayers.
Monday 21 October 2002 13:14 GMT - London

301 Alex Andreadis (Lally)
I was shocked and deeply saddened by the news of Ed. My thoughts and prayers are with Tom and the rest of family in this terrible time.

I have many fond memories of Ed throughout the time we spent at Ampleforth and I will miss him greatly. All the moving tributes that I have read go to prove what a special person he was.
With deepest sympathy

Monday 21 October 2002 13:39 GMT - London, (Ampleforth '94)

302 Cathryn Curran
This is very sad to be reading. I met Ed through sport at college and he was always friendly and kind to me. My sincere thoughts to his family and friends.
Monday 21 October 2002 13:44 GMT - Trinity

303 David MacManus
Ed was a valued member of DUSC, Trinity College Sailing Club, during my time there. We all loved sailing with him, and partying afterwards. He was a wonderful human being and was universally popular, as this massive tribute site proves. He will be sadly missed.
Sincerest condolences to his family.
Monday 21 October 2002 14:07 GMT - Dublin

304 Audrey Hannon
I have such happy memories of Ed from Trinity - there were the great parties of course, but also the times when he umpired on miserable Sunday mornings in Santry and never failed to cheer us up with his infectious enthusiasm. I have never met anyone else like Ed. My deepest sympathy to his parents and Tom.
Monday 21 October 2002 14:20 GMT - Dublin

305 John Selman
I have only just heard the sad news from Teddy & Pauline Knight. I think we should celebrate Ed's fulfilled life and the happiness he brought to those around him.
Condolences to his family and friends from someone who met him too briefly in Dromineer.He was taken far too early.
Monday 21 October 2002 14:22 GMT - Sailing Today Magazine, Southampton

306 Norman & Nell Hardie
Dear Pik, Thomas and Jocelyn,

No parent should ever have to bury a son, or a son a brother. The pain and sorrow will always be with you. Our experience is that if you concentrate on the positive and happy times that you had with Ed you will find, despite your tears and deepest despair, yourself smiling at the memory. In smiling you will realise that there is part of Ed with you today and whenever you need to feel his presence.

Attached is a poem that was read at the Queen Mother's funeral earlier in the year. We have changed the feminine into masculine, but the message is the same.

With all our love, sympathy and affection. We share your grief deeply.

Norman & Nell
Monday 21 October 2002 14:29 GMT - Toronto, Canada

307 Norman & Nell Hardie
You can shed tears that he is gone
or you can smile because he has lived.
You can close your eyes and pray that he'll come back
or you can open your eyes and see all he's left.
Your heart can be empty because you can't see him
or you can be full of the love you shared.
You can turn your back on tomorrow and live yesterday
or you can be happy for tomorrow because of yesterday.
You can remember him and only that he's gone
or you can cherish his memory and let it live on.
You can cry and close your mind, be empty and turn your back
or you can do what he'd want: smile, open your eyes, love and go on.

Monday 21 October 2002 14:32 GMT - Toronto, Canada

308 Ian Mote
Ed you more than anyone have helped me settle into life in HK & I never took the chance to thank you for that. You may be a Chelsea fan but it simply will not be the same without you. Vegas baby.
Monday 21 October 2002 14:33 GMT - Hong Kong

309 Marsha Whyte
All Jocelyn's friends and colleagues in Moscow, Krasnoyarsk and Petropavlovsk were shocked and devastated to hear the terrible news. We did not know Ed, but we knew he was precious to his father and adored by his family and friends. We would like to offer our support and deepest sympathy to Jocelyn, Nilawan, Thomas and the rest of Ed's family.
Monday 21 October 2002 14:34 GMT - Russia

310 Bruno Deforey
Your love of life will always remain an example for all of us. You are the kind of person that anyone would love to meet more often.
Monday 21 October 2002 14:35 GMT - Hong Kong

311 Cormac Looney

Nice to have met you, known you and (occasionally) crashed your parties.
The cobbles and corridors of Trinity seem quieter tonight.

Monday 21 October 2002 14:49 GMT - Dublin

312 Susie Ross
Ed,Thank you so much for introducing me to Thailand-if it weren't for that I would never have had my beautiful little boy.I'll always be grateful to you for that.
My thoughts are with your family.
Monday 21 October 2002 15:00 GMT - Dublin

313 Kieran Condon

You were the life and soul of any party you were at and will be missed by all who knew you in Trinity
Monday 21 October 2002 15:20 GMT

314 Robert Gallagher
What deeply saddening news for us down here, but i guess they needed someone up there to keep the spirits up. I just heard what happened, it hasn't sunk in yet ... my prayers are with Tom and his family. Ed has left a huge, unassuming impression on this world. He is still truly alive in our thoughts.
Monday 21 October 2002 15:21 GMT - Abu Dhabi

315 Paul Dunne
I knew Ed from Trinity College. We played cricket for T.C.D. He once had to play for the oppositon because they were short...and caught me out. Much to the amusement of the opposition team and Ed. Then he spent the evening apologising and laughing in the same breath ! That was Ed. One of lifes nice guys.
Monday 21 October 2002 15:26 GMT - Trinity Dublin

316 Bernadette O'Sullivan
I wish to express our deepest sympathy to Jocelyn and family at this time. Our thoughts are with you.
Monday 21 October 2002 15:49 GMT - Toronto, Canada

317 Rafal Wawrowski
I wish to express my deepest sympathy to your family and your friends.
My thoughts are with your family.
We don't know each other but i heard a lot of really really good things about you, and how much you helped so many people and friends.
May you rest in peace adn may you help lot more people up there...
Monday 21 October 2002 16:42 GMT - Melbourne, Australia

318 Ciara Breen
May God bless all the Waller family at this tragic time. Thinking of you and praying for you all at this very difficult time.
Monday 21 October 2002 17:10 GMT - Seville, Spain/ LRYC

319 Marcus de Guingand
I was the year below Ed at school. It was a pleasure to know Ed and a great shame that he has been taken from us so young. My thoughts and prayers are with the family at this time.

Monday 21 October 2002 17:59 GMT - London & Ampleforth

320 Stephen Benians
This has been a hard truth for a lot of people to accept. My deepest sympathy and condolences go to his family.

Ed is a great friend and will be sorely missed. But the hard truth is softened by the untouchable truth that his soul still lives on; we can remember him and think of his cheeky smile, his sense of fun and adventure which he shared with all that met him.

We can think of Ed and be inspired. And laugh..
Monday 21 October 2002 19:04 GMT - Brussels

321 Nicola Reilly
Dear Nilawan, Jocelyn & Tom

So incredibly sorry to hear your sad news. It's been many years since I've been in contact but I remember fondly what a wonderful loving family you were. My memories of Ed are of a happy, jovial young lad with a great sense of humour but also a wonderful kind heart which he extended to all who knew him. He was adored not only by you but by all who knew him. I would like to offer you my deepest sympathy at this difficult time and hope you find the courage to go on. You are all in my prayers.
Monday 21 October 2002 20:44 GMT - Piklik - London

322 Jayne Harper (nee Waller)
Why should anyone as great as Ed be taken from this World. He gave so much to so many - we all need people like him. Our love and much sympathy to Hardress and Lygia and his family
Monday 21 October 2002 21:09 GMT - Herefordshire England

323 Raymond Anakwe
I too was at SHAC with Ed and Tom.Like many others I remember how much Ed lived-always honest.Occasionally, as his Head of House he was too honest for comfort.Loyal but most of all just great fun to be around.The depth of these tributes and the variety of different people who all knew Ed speak for themselves. Perhaps a shorter time span than expected but he has certainly made his mark.It is wrong that this should happen to anyone but even more unjust that it should be Ed. We will miss you.
Monday 21 October 2002 21:10 GMT - Germany & Ampleforth 1993

324 Brian & Anne Craig, Gareth & Jonathan.
We will always remember Ed on the Shannon, sailing the 53 with such panache! To Jocelyn, Nilawan, Tom, Hardress & Lygia we offer our sympathy and our prayers. Ed will be missed by us all, but especially by you. He was a wonderful young man.
Monday 21 October 2002 21:19 GMT - Dublin & LDYC

325 Sarah Murphy
I have a wonderful memory of Ed discussing the premiership with a monk at the top of a temple in Chang Mai. It seemed so outrageous, but so typically Ed. I will always remember his enthusiasm and generosity.
Tuesday 22 October 2002 00:03 GMT - Los Angeles, California

326 Rupa Wati
My deepest sympathy and condolences go to his family.
Ed is a close friend and will be sorely missed. We had some great times. Going on hoidays with Ed was always full of fun. Will miss his smiley face
Tuesday 22 October 2002 00:35 GMT - Hong Kong

327 Pippa Laxton
My thoughts and prayers are with your family Ed. You lived life to the full and your joi de vivre rubbed off on those of us who were fortunate enough to know you. Take care x
Tuesday 22 October 2002 01:33 GMT - Hong Kong

328 Vicky Harris
You will be sorely missed from the rugby and sailing scene in Hong Kong. All our thoughts are with your family.
Tuesday 22 October 2002 01:38 GMT - Hong Kong

329 Andrew Penfold
Ed will be sorely missed both on and off the field. It was an honour to play No 9 in the Select memorial game last Saturday and a hard act to follow to continue for the rest of the season. Ed wil stay in our hearts and mind always. These will not be forgotten years.
Tuesday 22 October 2002 01:53 GMT - Hong Kong Football Club Mighty Select team

330 Monita Yeung
I have known Ed for just a few months through work, yet his passions to his family, soccer, travel, work were already strongly evident in my mind. I met up with him a couple of days ago before the tragedy and he was so proudly talking about his brother as a film-maker. His warm-hearted, easygoing and enthusiastic personality and the attitude towards life will never be forgotten. My deep sympathy to his parents and family.
Tuesday 22 October 2002 03:57 GMT - Hong Kong

331 Kowloon RUFC
Please accept our sympathy and know that our thoughts and prayers are with you at this terrible time
Doug Horne
Chairman KRFC
Tuesday 22 October 2002 05:08 GMT - Hong Kong

332 David Owens

You were Dynamics and Chelsea, I was Rovers and Liverpool. I was your doctor in Hong Kong but it was you who always made me feel better.

Tuesday 22 October 2002 05:15 GMT - Hong Kong

333 Anna Leech
My deepest sympathy and condolences to Hardress, Lygia, Jocelyn, Pik and Tom on your great loss.
Tuesday 22 October 2002 08:50 GMT - LRYC

334 Alvaro Aguirre
although I never got to really now Ed, he was my head of house (JH88), and I am very sorry that this tragedy happened at thoughts and prayers are specially dedicated to his family and friends, to whom I offer all my sympathy.
Tuesday 22 October 2002 08:57 GMT - Madrid

335 Sarah O'Connor
To Tom, all the Wallers and Ed's very many friends, my thoughts and prayers are with you. He will be very sorely missed.
Tuesday 22 October 2002 09:28 GMT - Ireland

336 Simon Rumley
Being Tom's friend, I only met Ed a handful of times but he was always cheery and full of spirits.

He struck me as being a friendly, happy, reliable, honest, no-shit kinda guy who tried to fit in as much as he could wherever he was and whatever he was doing.

I hope friends and family can take some small comfort in this needless, incomprehensible loss by remembering that in his few years on this earth Ed touched many peoples' lives and used his own to the utmost.
Tuesday 22 October 2002 09:35 GMT - London

337 Arnaud Le Roux
Dear Tom, I am shocked by the by the tragic news. All my thoughts are with you and your parents, Arnaud
Tuesday 22 October 2002 10:42 GMT - London

338 Thomas Bedingfeld
I was in the same year as Ed at Ampleforth. Only good memories of him.

God bless the Waller family.
Tuesday 22 October 2002 11:03 GMT - London

339 Jules Roberts
I knew Ed when he was at Ampleforth and had the great pleasure of sharing lots of fun and joyful times with him and his friends in Yorkshire, Staffordshire and London.

Ed was a charismatic and caring man and I will never forget the time he saved me from falling down a huge hole outside Wembley stadium in London after a U2 concert.

I will also remember his love for life, beer and for writing poetry.

My deepest sympathies to all of Ed's family and close friends at this very sad time. He will be sorely missed.

Rest in peace Ed.
Tuesday 22 October 2002 12:06 GMT - London, U.K.

340 Eva Au
Ed was one of those people who always looked for the positive things in life, even though he may be feeling down. He was good company to keep with, hads a great sense of humor, and loved to keep a conversation going.

Because of his good naturedness, Ed was well liked by all at the HK office as well as at the other offices. We will miss him.
Tuesday 22 October 2002 12:13 GMT - Singapore

341 Mike Kelsey
Despite not knowing Ed throughout my career at Ampleforth, through JH and SHAC. I am greatly saddened that Ed has been taken from us in these circumstances.

God bless. RIP.
Tuesday 22 October 2002 12:21 GMT - Manchester

342 Erin Cregan
Ed - you brought so many smiles and so much laughter into my life. You will be truly missed.
Tuesday 22 October 2002 12:57 GMT - Trinity / Donegal

343 Ian Steuart Fothringham
Ed was in my year at Ampleforth. Along with so many others I am deeply saddened to hear about the passing of such a great guy. I'd like to express my deepest sympathy and condolences to his family.
Tuesday 22 October 2002 13:03 GMT - London

344 Kevin Poole
Ed, Your boundless energy, enthusiasm and sense of fun will be sadly missed by all in the Hockey F Troop, off the field and on. Our thoughts and prayers with your family and all those families touched by this outrage.
Tuesday 22 October 2002 13:25 GMT - Hong Kong

345 Richard Telford
Ed was one of the nicest, kindest friends I've ever had.
Tuesday 22 October 2002 13:29 GMT - Newcastle

346 Julie Delany
I had the pleasure of visiting 'the hut' on a few occasions in Dromineer with my cousin Christine. It is amazing the amount of people you touched all over the world and I know every single one of them is missing you right now.
Tuesday 22 October 2002 14:25 GMT - Dublin

347 Louise Li
Ed is a great person....

He is nice to everyone, kind, smiley, cute, helpful and gentleman. The office became silent when he is not in the office. It's really great for me to work with him. He cares about what others feel. He always works hard until late.

I remember that he is the first person who came to me and talked to me the first day when I join the company. He taught me a lot of things. Before I don't believe in god, but from the day I know the news about Ed, I pray for him everynight. I hope the god will bring him back to us.

Ed, I'll miss you always. Your voice, the way you act, the way you talk, the joke you make, the way you laugh and the way you work, are always in my mind and I'll never forget.I hope we can see you soon and you can take a look what we have wrote about you....
Tuesday 22 October 2002 16:06 GMT - Hong Kong

348 Tom Lindup
Ed was in the year above me in Aidans. I remember him as Chelsea's most ardent supporter in North Yorkshire, and a fun, completely calm and measured person.

My thoughts are with his family.
Tuesday 22 October 2002 16:41 GMT - London

349 Jerome Newman
My sincere condolences to the Waller family. My thoughts and prayers are with you and ED at this time.

I was so sorry and shocked to hear the news.

Tuesday 22 October 2002 17:51 GMT - UK

350 Helen de Courcy and Emma
Dear Ed I remember you best at Dromineer and whatever was going on there you were in the thick of it with that broad smile. Your charm and courtey to all young and old alike was outstanding. Our thoughts, love and prayers go out to Jocelyn,Pik,Tom Hardress and Lygia and to, what seems like half the world, who knew, loved and admired Ed
Tuesday 22 October 2002 18:19 GMT - Surrey

351 Peter Poland
I first met Ed about ten years ago when making a first ever visit to Dromineer and the hectic annual Summer Regatta as a guest of the Waller family. My 11 year old daughter knew no one and felt shy and out of her depth. Who smiled, chatted and generally made her feel welcome in the most charming way? Ed of course. A true 100% gentleman with a generous smile, a ready wit and a warm heart ; even when just a young schoolboy! Your loss is a tragedy Ed, but you leave your family, friends and even passing acquaintances with a mass of happy memories that will never fade and always make them smile when they think of you. Which they will. Often.
Tuesday 22 October 2002 19:26 GMT - England and Ireland

352 Claire Connell
Ed- my late essay friend. I know you're entertaining everyone upstairs.

Tuesday 22 October 2002 20:21 GMT - Seattle, Washington

353 Becky Fennell
In the short time I knew him, Ed struck me as being a larger than life character, full of warmth & passion, with enormous zest for life. He left a lasting impression whereever he went, and that impression will stay with everyone he encountered, throughout their lives.
Tuesday 22 October 2002 21:01 GMT - Ireland

354 Anne Atkinson
I have just read all the tributes to Ed, I hope they can bring you some comfort at this ghastly time. They are so moving and it confirms what a great guy he was. Everyone shall miss his smiling face at LDYC. Our thoughts are with you all. Love Guy and Anne
Tuesday 22 October 2002 21:06 GMT - Tipperary

355 Lesley Hogan
I have never known a person with such zest, you are sorely missed Ed and so too your passion for life. My deepest sympathies to the Waller family.
Tuesday 22 October 2002 22:01 GMT - Ireland

356 Sharon Szeto
Such a senseless act makes the whole world grieve for all the people and families of those who have been killed or injured but as a fellow LexisNexis employee even though I didn't know Ed it brings the tragedy even closer and I know as a mother what I would be feeling now and my heart goes out to you at this time
Wednesday 23 October 2002 07:20 GMT - Sydney Australia

357 Nari Kennedy
We still had walks to walk, penguins to feed and pizza to try.......I feel so cheated. Cheated and sad and yet I'm very lucky. Lucky to have known Ed, to have shared a little bit with him. He was a wonderful, wonderful guy.
My deepest heart felt sympathies go out to his family and friends. I share their loss. And maybe tomorrow it won't be so grey. Maybe tomorrow we'll learn to live with the happiness Ed brought us and just be thankful we were lucky enough to have known him.
Wednesday 23 October 2002 08:51 GMT - Hong Kong

358 Paul and Dot Pitcher,Sandy Cullen
Ed, The Irish Pub will miss you and your “KNOWLEDGE” in the Pub Quiz!
God Bless
Also our sincere condolences to the whole family
Wednesday 23 October 2002 08:54 GMT - Chiang Mai Thailand

359 Ceri Williams
My thoughts are with all members of Ed's family at this deeply tragic time.
Wednesday 23 October 2002 09:15 GMT

360 Jane Kelly Rogers
Ed, you were a great person and a great friend to me. You were always so much fun, such a gentleman and such a welcoming and generous host at all your parties in Garraunfada. I hold on to the many precious of you during our summers on Lough Derg. I feel so lucky to have been a part of your life as you were an important part of mine. My thoughts and prayers are with you and all the Waller family.
Wednesday 23 October 2002 10:26 GMT - Dublin, LDYC

361 Gareth Syms
You were the most energetic and lively of personalities, and above all, a fantastic host. Even though only for a short while, I am honoured to have been your friend.
Wednesday 23 October 2002 11:15 GMT - Edinburgh

362 Professor Terry Barry
We in History in TCD send our deepest condolences to Ed's family and friends on their loss. On a personal level words fail me in trying to sum up the unique person that was Ed. I know that I will always remember him as did so much in his 26 years on this earth to make it a better, more caring place for the rest of us.
Wednesday 23 October 2002 11:30 GMT - Trinity College Dublin

363 Hardress Waller
Ed was special. He might be anywhere in the world, usually at the centre of a party, with his inexhaustable energy, unfailing generosity and kindness, full of fun, laughter and a love of life. Everyone loved Ed and Ed loved everyone, but particularly his mother and his father, who in turn adored him. Everywhere he went - and he went everywhere - he took with him the “feel good” factor, and bequeathed it on all around him. Oh yes, Ed was special, and now he is gone from us. What a waste.
Wednesday 23 October 2002 12:07 GMT - Grandfather, Rynskaheen

364 Louise Connor
508 messages to date says it all.

Smiling is how i will remember you.

My deepest condolences to the whole family. I will be with you in spirit on Saturday.
Wednesday 23 October 2002 12:08 GMT - Sydney

365 Alistair Russell-Smith
Ed, I will always remember your enthusiasm for everything, and the excellent holidays, pop concerts and festival trips you organised.
My thoughts are with the rest of your family.
Wednesday 23 October 2002 12:12 GMT - London - knew Ed from Ampleforth

366 Eddie English
To all the Wallers my deepest sympathy. My thoughts are with you at his trying time. The happy, outgoing, omnipresent Ed will be missed by so many groups and so many people. May he be an example to all of us.
Wednesday 23 October 2002 12:30 GMT - Cobh Ireland

367 anon
Oxford Brooked Uni
Wednesday 23 October 2002 13:16 GMT - England

368 Leonora Hammerbeck
Death is but a horizon, and a horizon is but the limit of our view.
Whenever you are sad, it will be him who conforts you.
Whenever you are alone, it will be him who guides you
Whenever you are happy, it will be when he is smiling
Smile for him too.
Wednesday 23 October 2002 13:17 GMT

369 Gary Sargent
Its hard to quantify the feelings of loss, even now after time to reflect. Difficult to accept and hard to swallow. However the depths to which we are all affected as close friends or even associates, says more about our happy memories and experiences of
Wednesday 23 October 2002 13:32 GMT - Dublin, Ireland

370 Julian Hinds
Through all my memories of Ed in College, one thing stands out - he was never without that mischievous smile. To have even a fraction of his enthusiasm for life, his generosity and his warmth towards others would indeed be quite a blessing.

I hope that you, Ed's family, in the months ahead can draw strength from the fact that he was held so deeply in the affections of so many.

Saddened that I cannot be there in person on Saturday, I will be there in spirit, comforted by the knowledge that he will be given the kind of send-off only he deserves.

My thoughts are, and will continue to be, with you at this difficult time.
Wednesday 23 October 2002 15:55 GMT - Sweden/Dublin

371 Fergal Dodd
That's how I remember Ed.
It's the best way anyone could be remembered.
Sweet dreams Ed.
I believe we'll meet again some day.

Wednesday 23 October 2002 16:23 GMT - Lough Derg Yacht Club, Tipperary

372 Marc Chowrimootoo
Ed and I played football together in Hong Kong. He was a kind, generous and enthusiast person. I feel privileged to have met such a fine man. He will be missed by all. My thoughts and prayers are with his family at this difficult time.
Wednesday 23 October 2002 16:37 GMT - Hong Kong

373 The Tayler Family
Ed and Tom (as well as Pic and Jos!) seemed to be a part of our family for many years, and as they have lost one of their own, so have we. It is difficult to express the loss we feel, but Ed will always be the naughty little boy next door who we all loved dearly. What can we add to the pages of dedications to him. It can't be any more obvious how much he was loved, admired and appreciated by all.
Ed, you will be sorely missed by all of us.
Wednesday 23 October 2002 20:43 GMT - London

Wednesday 23 October 2002 20:55 GMT - ROCKFORD,NENAGH

375 Justin Stogdale
To my friend and cousin Ed, with whom we had so many wicked adventures on land and sea...
This weekend in Ireland a lot of tears will be shed at the loss of Ed. Ed was a free spirit and he lived and loved life to the full.
To all my family and friends who will be there, please don't get too bogged down with the sorrow and grief when mourning Ed's loss.
Ed would not have wanted that. put you most colourful Hawaiian shirt on with your biggest smile and celebrate Ed's life and love. Give him the greatest send-off possible. Laugh and joke and have the best craic you can, raise a glass and rejoice and remember all the great times. I wish I could be there to party on with you all. Have a wee dram and a pint of he black stuff on me and I will see you all in Hong Kong.

Thinking of you all, be strong and smile. Ed's spirit will live on forever.

All my love,

Wednesday 23 October 2002 21:44 GMT - New Zealand

376 Susan Leahy
I feel privileged to have known Ed, to have had the opportunity to be swept up and along by his generosity and zest for life.

My deepest sympathies to his family.
Wednesday 23 October 2002 21:59 GMT - Ireland

377 Tara Dempsey
I remember his kind, gentle, goofy smiling face. I remember sitting on our couch in Baggot Lane talking about girls - and football. I remember lots of laughter! I only wish it was not so long since we met.
Deepest sympathy and thinking of you all partying Ed-style on Saturday.
Wednesday 23 October 2002 22:46 GMT - New York

378 Teresa and Mike Donoghue
It is all a bit difficult to understand; so needless and so pointless. We did not know Edward very well, but what comes across very clearly in the hundreds of tributes is his energy and enthusiasm for life. He seemed to infect everybody with whom he came in contact with his joie de vivre. He will be missed greatly.
Wednesday 23 October 2002 23:12 GMT - Ireland

379 Biddy Deyes (nee Waller)
I shall always remember that attractive smile - someone so full of fun, and always ready to share his joie de vivre with everyone. He even found time to charm his old great aunts.
We feel very far away from you all at this difficult time but we shall be in Ireland in spirit on Friday and Saturday when you say goodbye to Ed.
To Jocelyn, Pik, Tom, Hardress and Ligia, the family here in Argentina all send you our deepest sympathy and love.
Wednesday 23 October 2002 23:17 GMT - La Cumbre, Cordoba, Argentina.

380 Aebhín Cawley
We were part of many of the same social shenanigans in Trinity. We shared many a night out, messing around and enjoying life as Ed knew best. Ed was a very special person and it is important to me to be at the service. This website has been excellent for all his friends and is helping greatly in the sharing, grieving and celebrating process. You are right - Ed deserves a life-loving almighty send up and celebration and I would be delighted to be a part of it.
Thursday 24 October 2002 01:37 GMT - Ireland

381 Linda Charmaraman
My dear Ed,

You emailed just a couple of weeks ago about a quick trip to Vegas and the Grand Canyon.
If I had known that it was going to be the very last time you were going to invite me to travel with you, I would have dropped everything in a
Thursday 24 October 2002 02:42 GMT - cousin from San Francisco, CA

382 Trinita Waller Jeff Letain
Dear Pic,Jocelyn,Mary, Tom, Lygia & Hardress. As I look through all of the messages I realise what a wonderful person I missed, a cousin that I never had the pleasure of meeting. We here in Canada will raise our glasses in his honour on Saturday. Thinking of all of you at this very sad time.Much Love, Trinita & Jeff
Thursday 24 October 2002 04:12 GMT - New Westminster

383 Zoe Popham
Ed, I will always remember you bounding into the Irish pub in Chiang Mai and insisting on buying the next round! It felt like an adventure being with you. A trip to the bank took 2 hours (as you knew the bank manager!), ordering food took an hour (as you
Thursday 24 October 2002 04:29 GMT - Bangkok, Thailand

384 Juliana Ross
I have a note in my diary, which reads, 'Ed comes!'

You were supposed to be coming for Tom's Butterfly Man premier at the Bangkok Film Festival! I haven't seen you in ages and I was really looking forward to going out with you and having the brothe
Thursday 24 October 2002 04:59 GMT - Bangkok, Thailand

385 Miranda Kuil
When I think of Ed, I think of a rugby top, shorts and his well-worn 20 Baht flip-flops - I don't think he ever replaced them! Ed was a popular choice for the Thursday night pub quizzes at the Irish Pub - he knew answers to all the oddest questions (proba
Thursday 24 October 2002 05:07 GMT - Chiang Mai, Thailand

386 Glenn Schloss
He is shaping up to be one of the best captains the Select HKFC team ever had.
He is a great scrum half.
He is a tremendous sportsman.
He is so thoughtful.
He is so energetic.
Wherever you go, he is there too.
He is so popular.
He always seems to have at least two women in tow wherever he goes. And they are his friends!
He is so enthusiastic about his work.
He is a great laugh.
His is so easy going.
I was going to write “was”; but it's just too hard.
And I wished I had told you these things before, but we would have been embarrassed and you would have given me one of those classic Ed looks.

Thursday 24 October 2002 05:17 GMT - Rugby mate, Hong Kong.

387 Jane Clarke
There is a Patrick Kavanagh poem that's been on my mind since hearing this tragic news. It's called 'Beyond the Headlines'.The final line is that 'only they who fly home to God have flown at all'. I didn't know Ed as well as I might have during his time in Dublin but I remember his ready smile, his vibrant life-force. I am sure that he truly has flown home. My deepest condolences to Ed's family and to his many, many friends.
Thursday 24 October 2002 08:24 GMT - Dublin, Ireland

388 Mark Bennett
Ed leaves a trail of friendships and memories that encompass the world - he will be in our hearts and in our stories for the rest of our lives.
Thursday 24 October 2002 09:30 GMT - London

389 Billy
One of the most positively generous people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing.
Your attitude to life was an inspiration to others. The good times without you will never be the same.
Thursday 24 October 2002 10:02 GMT - London

390 Mike Middleton
Ed, reading through the tributes to you, it's clear that where ever you went you had a real gift for drawing people together. I experienced that warm gift whilst we were at Shack. Thank you for that and thank you for your friendship.
Thursday 24 October 2002 10:57 GMT - York

391 Charlie & Ellie Poulton
Dear Ed - I find it so very hard to believe that you will not be smiling and laughing with us anymore, rest peacefully.
Thursday 24 October 2002 14:15 GMT - Hong Kong

392 Stuart McGoldrick
Ed, what a fantastic glowing tribute by all those who have had the pleasure of knowing you.

From Ampleforth to Derg and then Trinity, I have many great memories of your natural charisma, passion for life (particularly sport and women!!), infectious good humour and honest generosity.

Even after a time to reflect, it's hard to quantify the feelings of loss. What a cruel and unfair world.

All my thoughts and prayers are with you Tom and your family. Please take great comfort knowing how much Ed was loved by us all. He will be dearly missed.

Thursday 24 October 2002 14:36 GMT

393 maria sa
ed - i think the last time we spoke you hollered from across a crowded dublin bar “do you want a G&T?!” in my mind this sums up the ed i knew: so generous, so friendly and always out to enjoy your self; how apt yet ironic that you left us on your way to another party; it wont be as much fun without you... rest peacefully
Thursday 24 October 2002 15:11 GMT - dublin

394 Richard and Patricia Beatty
We never met Ed, but have had the pleasure of meeting Jocelyn in Ireland over the last few years. Our prayers and thoughts are with you.
Thursday 24 October 2002 16:09 GMT - Dublin

For Jocelyn, Pik and Tom Waller

We are still in a state of shock. I have known Ed basically since he was born, but I think that the first time I saw him as a child was in Verbier, which was his, his brother's and his mother's introduction to snow.
Thursday 24 October 2002 18:59 GMT - New York City, New York

396 Mike Casey
There is a warmth in your smile that is irreplaceable. You have left an indelible imprint upon me. Sleep well.

My thoughts and prayers are with you Tom, and your family. Mike
Thursday 24 October 2002 21:01 GMT - Chicago

397 Juancho
Ed was much more than a friend to me and I can confidently say, for the rest of his housemates at school.
Although our contact durng these last few years has unavoidably broken down, the special memory of our time together during those happy years remains intact. That is the feeling that Ed wanted to withold during the years we were together: whatever happens, however much time we remain apart, we'll always cherish our friends. And he was a truly special friend to all of us.
Descansa en paz amigo mío.
Thursday 24 October 2002 21:25 GMT - Spain

398 Paul O'Callaghan
Ed was a great guy whose company I always enjoyed. When I think of Ed, I think of fun times and great parties in Tipperary and Dublin. My deepest sympathy to the Waller Family.
Thursday 24 October 2002 21:44 GMT - Vancouver.

399 Sarah Shrimplin
Larger than life.

Even before I got to know you properly I felt I knew you through the stories, the number of times Kirsty has told me you bounded into her room at some ungodly hour of the morning having finished a night of socialising is untold. As are the tales from all our mutual friends of the visits with you to Chang Mai that sadly I did not get to experience.

Your love of sport, beer, pizza, friends, ally mcbeal can not be rivalled.

So many quirky and lovable little traits you have, just too many to recount.

When I go out to do the trailwalker Maclehose trail I will be thinking of you, of the times we have hiked together and your encouragement including only agreeing to sponsor me if I finish the whole darn thing. Well I'll be going out to finish it, and as I cross the line I hope you will be watching.

You'll be sadly missed.

Thursday 24 October 2002 21:45 GMT - Hong Kong

400 Alex Brunner
Hard to express.....I knew both of the Waller's at Ampleforth, actually we were the second generation of Brunner's and Waller's at Ampleforth together. I was deeply saddened to hear this tragic and shocking news. Although I am from Hong Kong, I did not know Ed there - but it sounded like he loved it. He will be missed.

To the Waller Family, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

To the Waller Family, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Thursday 24 October 2002 23:43 GMT - Los Angeles, California

401 Greg Lascelles
Having left Aidan's a few years before Ed, it's wonderful to know from all these tributes that he grew into someone of great ability, honesty and charm, of support to all who needed it and a great laugh. Tom, my thoughts are with you and your family.
Friday 25 October 2002 09:09 GMT - Germany

402 Morag Baird
Ed's ability to make a very good impression in a relatively short time was exceptional. He was a special gentleman and I remember his energy, natural charm, and kindness with fondness.
Friday 25 October 2002 12:29 GMT - Redhill, UK

403 Alexis Murphy
Always smiling, Ed was a real presence in Trinity, be it through his great parties or his ebullient and friendly manner. He will be sorely missed. My deepest sympathies to his family.
Friday 25 October 2002 14:28 GMT - Trinity - Dublin

404 Shuba Narayanaswamy
I don't know Ed well but met him for the first time earlier this year when I went to Hong Kong. I was visiting Kirsty (his flatmate)and Ed gave up his room for me for the whole week. On my first day there he met me from work and took me out to lunch... I was greeted by the biggest hug ever, what a nice way to meet someone for the first time! I think that refects what a friendly and warm person he is.
My thoughts go to his family at this time. Ed will be sadly missed
Friday 25 October 2002 15:12 GMT - Manchester UK

405 The Brewis Family
We didn't know Ed well,only through photos and phonecalls.He would chat to us when Kirsty wasn't in and sometimes also when she was.We were looking forward to meeting him next time we were in Hong Kong.
Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to all his family and we will light a candle for him on Saturday
May He rest in peace and you draw comfort from these tributes to a very special son.
Friday 25 October 2002 16:59 GMT - Sheffield,England

406 Cliona Mc Cusker
Thank you so much for your warmth and friendship Ed. I remember a certain night in Dromineer when you kept Jane and myself entertained until the wee hours! Thank you for the happy memories.

Miss you,
Friday 25 October 2002 17:08 GMT

407 Becky Lo
Sweet, smiley-faced Ed,
So many memories of your bouncing, shiny presence, and many more memories we'll keep recalling and holding onto. It is amazing how naturally 'living' came to you, how you lived and loved so generously without seeming like you needed to try.

You lived , and continue to live, the best way possible.

Thank you for some of the happiest times in my life, you loved to gather friends and family together, and share so many different people in your life with each other. Such a generous way to be.

Your energy, laughter and spirit are sorely missed, my friend, but continue to live in our hearts, and inspire us.

My love and condolences to the Wallers- your son was , is, a rich, rich soul.

Rest in peace, buddy.
Friday 25 October 2002 17:55 GMT - Kilkenny/ Australia

408 Sean Barnes
Unfortunately I knew Ed for only a short time, I'm very sad I didn't get to know him even more.

But from the instant I met him I felt he was my friend forever. One of those first occasions I met him, surrounded by all his very close friends at a party, he came over to me, made me feel welcome and we sat together for hours chatting and arguing about English soccer and why his favourite Chelsea were “beautiful”, and that was only the second time I had met him, there wasn't a bad bone in his body.

I will sorely miss him.
Friday 25 October 2002 19:30 GMT - Dublin, Ireland.

409 Scott Walkin
Dear Ed,

You always lived life to the full. If there can be any small consolation in this needless tragedy, it is that you have done a long lifetime of living. The hundreds of tributes to you, from all corners of the globe are a salutation to your short glorious life.

My thoughts are with you, your family and your many friends.

Best wishes always,
Friday 25 October 2002 19:42 GMT - Mayo, Ireland

410 Wachara Tantranont
Dear Edward,
After you have graduated, I gave you one of my Lanna Golf Club membership as your present. You told me that you are so happy to have a golf membership of yourself. Every time I pass The Lanna Golf Course , it reminds me of you and your happy times when you received the gift.
May you rest in peace.
Saturday 26 October 2002 02:12 GMT - Chiangmai, Thailand

411 Lindsey
Whenever I met Ed at regattas or sailing he was always so warm, kind and friendly, with a great sense of fun. He encouraged me to see his photograph of the yacht pitchpoling; this was a little awkward as I am a lady and the photo is in the gents toilet of a local bar - the barman was happy to escort me! I am so sad to hear of his untimely death and send my deep condolences to his friends and family.
Saturday 26 October 2002 02:19 GMT - Hong Kong

412 Elaine Turner
Whether it was an “official” meeting with work or bumping into you out on the town, you always managed to make me laugh. The lasting memory however, will be seeing your infectious smile from within the Arab-style garb in the South Stand at this year's 7s.
It was a privilege to know you Ed.
Saturday 26 October 2002 04:32 GMT - Hong Kong

413 Graham Winter
Ed is one of those rare individuals who enriched the lives of everyone he came into contact with, including mine. A true friend, an outstanding sportsman and a truly outstanding man, he is sorely missed by us all.
Saturday 26 October 2002 08:52 GMT - Hong Kong

414 Paddy and Mairead Lineen
Jocelyn, Thomas, Lygia and Hardress,
Our thoughts and prayers are with you today as you remember and commemorate the life of a wonderful young man.
“I iothlainn De go gcastar sinn”
Saturday 26 October 2002 11:12 GMT - Achill

415 Siobhan O Regan
I only really got to know you on the Vegas trip last month. You were such a generous and happy guy who made everyone laugh.

Slan go foill
Saturday 26 October 2002 14:02 GMT - Glanmire, Co. Cork

416 Peter & Nellie Bugge
We still cannot think of anything more to say than just how much we enjoyed Ed's company. He will be sorely missed. Love , thoughts and prayers to all his family and friends.
May this never happen again

Nellie & Peter
Saturday 26 October 2002 20:47 GMT - Somerset, UK

417 Dodd Family Ballinaclough Nenagh
To all the Waller family and friends sincere sympathy on the loss of Ed. May he rest in peace
Saturday 26 October 2002 23:23 GMT

418 Myles Lennon
My mother told me at home to inform me of your passing. To tell you an honest, I still cannot believe that you are really gone for good. When I found out that you had passed away, I didn't want to believe that you are gone. I was very shocked,
Sunday 27 October 2002 11:46 GMT - Ireland

419 Kirsten Bayly
Yesterday Ed, we came to say goodbye to you, looking back it seems I spent a lot of time saying goodbye to you over the years as you went back to school, went to Thailand, went travelling, when you went to HK to work two years ago oor in Keoghs in June. L
Sunday 27 October 2002 21:35 GMT - Ballinaclough, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary

420 Matthew Laight
I only knew Ed for a few months. I played hockey with him in the Summer league and with the HKFC F team. Ed made me feel welcome and part of the team from the first game (and from the first beer afterwards). This is a rare quality. You never forget someone like Ed.
Monday 28 October 2002 00:12 GMT - Hong Kong

421 Tim Chamberlain
Ed was someone I barely knew, save from facing off against him for my old club HK Nomads, and an intro from a mutual friend. It was great to see all of the club boys on such good form in Bali, the hour or so everyone spent enjoying post match beers in the hotel pool typied why we all love the cameraderie & spirit so much. Ed was central to this and will be sorely missed.
Monday 28 October 2002 08:18 GMT - Singapore

422 Kate Babington
What more do you add but another name who will miss Ed, the ever present and welcome fixture out and about in Hong-Kong who always had a story to tell or a joke to share. There are a lot of stories about the type of person Ed was and I wanted to share another which sticks out in my memory. I had taken a friend to the club who didn't know anybody - I went to the bar and ended up chatting to someone else for a while and on my return found that Ed had seen my friend (who he didn't know) by herself and had left his rugby mates to keep her company until I returned. There was no ulterior motive just a genuine concern from a hugely sociable personality and one who is already missed immensely.
Monday 28 October 2002 09:08 GMT - Hong-Kong

423 Tom Fisher
Dear Ed, it has been an honour and a pleasure to have crossed paths with you. Thanks for taking me along with you to see Chelsea away at West Ham all those years ago. We had seats in the middle of the home stand. You bravely (or was it sensibly?) conquered the urge to shout support for your team. I know how difficult it must have been for you. To your family: strength and hope for the future. Ed was a splendid chap.
Monday 28 October 2002 12:34 GMT - Trinity/London

424 Kieron Zaman
I was in the same year as Ed at school. I was lucky that our surnames were close together and we sat together in many classes. I particularly remember Maths in our first year with Commander Wright constantly yelling “To [as in Ben To], Waller, Zaman: BE Q
Monday 28 October 2002 13:55 GMT - London (ex ampleforth)

425 Tara McCarthy
Dearest Ed,
You leave us all with so many fond memories of you, which will always be treasured and never forgotten. Rest in peace dear friend.
Monday 28 October 2002 14:17 GMT - Trinity - Dublin

426 Ricardo Pintado Caravita di Sirignano.
Ed, was one of the first people I met upon my arrival at Ampleforth College. He fulfilled his position as head of house in a manner that allowed newcomers like myself to feel at home. I owe the great memories I have of Ampleforth college to people like him.
My deepest sympathies and prayers go out to all those who will miss Ed.
Monday 28 October 2002 14:48 GMT - Ampleforth College. New York / Mexico

427 Linda Flanagan
It was great to meet you in Las Vegas this summer.You were the life and soul of a great time spent there..your energy and enthuasism will stay with me for a long time to come.
Monday 28 October 2002 15:44 GMT - Dublin Ireland

428 OAGS Irish Members
Jocelyn has graced us with his presence for the last two years here in Dublin. It was with great sadness that we heard about Ed and our thoughts are with Jocelyn and his family. May Ed rest in peace.
Monday 28 October 2002 21:13 GMT - Dublin

429 Eadaoin Patton
You had neverending energy and an irrepressible sense of fun, as well as an incredibly generous nature. I will miss the parties, the dinners, and
and your marathon poker games (played for dried pasta) which were directly responsible for getting Niall and I together. Thank you for that, and for all the good times. My deepest sympathies to the Waller family.
Tuesday 29 October 2002 00:21 GMT - Dublin

430 Geoff Cooper
Ed, What a genuine bloke.I will miss our chats in Central about the Dynamics games.You were the young star in the old team.I'm glad we met. God bless.
Tuesday 29 October 2002 04:07 GMT - New Zealand

431 penelope craven
Ed was the most agreeable person I have ever met. The effort he made with people was truely inspiring- he made you feel important, special. He was an example to us all.

After hearing the shocking and terrible news from Kirsty (Ed's friend and flat mate) my father tried to console me with these words.
“Try not to be sad that he has gone but be thankful that this incredibly generous and caring person was part of your life; he has made your life all the more richer”

I am truely thankful for knowing Ed, he made me want to be a better person.

My thoughts go to his family at this time- he was a very special person and will be sadly missed.
Tuesday 29 October 2002 09:17 GMT - Liverpool, UK

432 Lorraine Leonard
It was an absolute pleasure to have known you. You brought happiness to the lives of so many . The memories you have left us with will continue to brighten and enrich our lives.
Tuesday 29 October 2002 10:49 GMT - Trinity College Dublin

433 RGT
It is the mark of a truly great man; to have touched the lives of so many, so deeply, in so short a time on this Earth. Sadly, Ed, the opportunity never arose for us to meet, but I know many of those who loved you and I share their sorrow. My thoughts are with your family at this time.
Tuesday 29 October 2002 14:28 GMT - London

434 Kirsty Brewis
Ed, I keep expecting to hear you come bounding up the stairs and crashing through the door, pizza in hand, telling me you got veggie just in case I was home, asking how much Ally McBeal or Friends you've missed, and settling down to one of the pizza and T
Tuesday 29 October 2002 15:51 GMT - Hong Kong

435 Ivan Healy
Jocelyn, Pik and Tom,
I have peered with admiration through windows of Ed's life with eyes five years older than his since we were very young children at Rynskaheen. In his short life he accomplished so much and touched so many. Words cannnot express my incomprehension of a brutal act where life is snuffed out at an instant. We shall all suffer the poverty of the theft of his opportunity to further realise the great talents he possessed and shared unstintedly with so many without seeking friendship or favour in return. His absence is acute for everyone who has been so fortunate to have known him.
Goodbye Ed.
Tuesday 29 October 2002 18:23 GMT - Dublin

436 Richard Lant
it was great to know you and I was impressed with the enthusiasm you showed for football with the Dynamics and life in general. it was infectious and you will be missed but never forgotten.
Wednesday 30 October 2002 01:12 GMT - Hong Kong

437 Henry Majed
Ed, our paths crossed for such a brief time during my trip to Thailand in '97 but how could I forget your energy and sense of fun, and immediately welcoming the two newcomers into your group. My thoughts to Ed's family and all who knew him.
Wednesday 30 October 2002 01:30 GMT - Cambridge, UK

438 Owain Morrison
Dear Ed,
You will be sorely missed and never forgotten.

I trust that where you are now is a far better place than here.

Wednesday 30 October 2002 04:07 GMT - HKFC, Hong Kong

439 Oli
Ed was one of the greatest. He was so loved by all of us in Aidans and will be so sorely missed by all who knew him and couldn't help but adore such man with such high morals and values. God bless him.
Wednesday 30 October 2002 12:52 GMT - Ampleforth St Aidans

440 Cian Carroll
I remember Ed from the Lough Derg Regatta when we were both about 15. The Regatta only lasted a week and I only met Ed a few times since but I've always thought of him as a friend. He was so friendly, positive and lively, a joy to be around, and his character remains an inspiration. My deepest sympathies.
Wednesday 30 October 2002 17:25 GMT - Dublin

441 Darshan Schmitz
I met Ed through my dear friend, Una Budd, who fortuitously brought the two of us together for the Ireland vs. Cameroon World Cup match. I live in Gunma Prefecture, Japan, which is halfway between Tokyo and Niigata, where the game was held. Una sent me an e-mail telling me that her friend, Ed, was looking for a place to stay on his way to the game. After trading e-mails, Ed had found a place to crash the night before the game and I found myself with a ticket to the World Cup, and a new friend. Ed was so gracious. Just as is Japanese tradition, he brought me a gift of Absolut vodka as a thank you for me allowing him to stay at my place. Now that bottle of vodka, which I drink from time to time, has a very special meaning to me. In Japanese, you say “kanpai” when you toast someone or something. I'd like to say “Kanpai” to Ed and to all the people his life has touched.
Thursday 31 October 2002 01:27 GMT - Gunma, Japan

442 Adrian Shaw
Saturday 19th - the memorial game
The memorial game was played at the HKFC, positioned right in the middle of the famous HK-Jockey Club. A very impressive site and a small enclave of
calm in the monster-metropolis that is Hong Kong.

Thursday 31 October 2002 01:34 GMT - Hong Kong

443 Emma de Courcy
Just to say how incredibly sorry Luke & I were to hear that Ed was caught up in the Bali tragedy. He really was the definition of a great bloke and he has been, and will be, sorely missed. It is so terribly sad and unfair.

So sorry not to be there on Saturday, but our thoughts are really with Jocelyn, Pik, Tom and Mary - our love to you all.

Emma & Luke Williams
Thursday 31 October 2002 14:26 GMT - London

444 tanya
dearest ed,
i think of you all the time, i cant believe youre gone. i think of the things i loved about you and the things i'll miss. i loved the way i always felt so safe when i was with you.
i always loved the way, always, without fail, you would pause halfway through your meal! i loved that, i dont know why.
im sorry i didnt spend more time with you in vegas, i looked forward to seeing you so much.
ed, id looked forward to when maybe we'd finally live in the same country! i'll miss us gossiping! i have so many brilliant memories of you which ill cherish forever...
with love always, tanya xxx
Thursday 31 October 2002 20:52 GMT - new york

445 Anthony Carroll
I'd just like to offer my condolences to Tom and the family for such a tragic loss. It was a pleasure knowing Ed and it is evident from all the wonderful tributes that he will be long remembered in the hearts and minds of everyone.
Friday 1 November 2002 04:48 GMT - Sydney

446 Catherine Gibbs
I only met Ed once, a couple of years ago in the Sportsman's bar. I cannot remember what we talked about, nor did we ever have the pleasure of chatting again. But I have never forgotten that moment. At the time it struck me how wonderful it is to meet a person so effortlessly affable. That experience, these lovely messages sent in his honour, clarifies to me that Ed represented everything good in mankind -and he has clearly contributed to making the lives of many people that much richer. How proud his family must be.

Friday 1 November 2002 05:26 GMT - Hong Kong

447 AliMac
Kun Ed!

Sorry to leave it so long mate before I wrote here. The last weeks have just overwhelmed me, and us all I am sure. The hopes and prayers and bonding felt in the first few days have given way to a dark depression and cold desperate reality.
Friday 1 November 2002 05:46 GMT - In India but joined in Rugby

448 Harvey & Suzanne Twomey
I only really got to know Ed this year, and briefly played with him for the Mighty Select. He was an incredibly friendly guy and people liked him on sight....he will be missed. Our thoughts go out to the Waller family.
Friday 1 November 2002 06:21 GMT - HKFC - Hong Kong

449 Dave Gibson
I only met Ed once with my sister. We were out for a few pints in a pub in Blackrock. I can remember him chatting away without a care in the world. He was one of the most personable people I have ever met, and will surely be missed by all his family and friends. My deepest condolences to all the Waller family.
Friday 1 November 2002 16:29 GMT - Dublin

450 Jon Foxall
I was captain of the Dynamics Soccer Team over the last 2 seasons and was the person who ¡¥blooded¡¦ Young Ed into our team (of mainly over 40¡¦s, with some over 50¡¦s) despite the fact that he was looking for another team called the ¡¥Dynamos¡¦ ¡V luckil
Saturday 2 November 2002 02:27 GMT - Hong Kong

451 Tanya Colville
Ed was one of the first people i met in Hong Kong. He always had the greatest out look on life which was one of the greatest things about him, he always had a smile for everyone and never seemed unhappywith life. Still can't believe this has happened and my prayers are with his family and everyone who had the pleasure of knowing him. He always took the time to talk to people and cared about everyone he knew. He is one person i will never forget throughout my life.
Saturday 2 November 2002 08:53 GMT - Hong Kong

452 Fr Felix Stephens
Ed and I lunched in HK a year ago -and after a 10 year gap: I was early; he was late. He breezed in, sat down, and chatted as though there had been no gap.The darting eye, excitement, enthusiasm, interest in others, a shade of melancholy, above all the ab
Saturday 2 November 2002 14:06 GMT - Warrington/Ampleforth Abbey

453 Pat and Anne
Today on All Souls Day we prayed for Ed.
Our deepest sympathy to the all Waller family.
May Ed rest in peace.
from Pat and Anne O'Shea
Saturday 2 November 2002 23:03 GMT - Ballyfin,Ireland

We have not had the good luck to know personally Edward, but reading all his friends and relatives write, we are sure he has been received with open arms by God.
My family and I are with all of you.
Sunday 3 November 2002 01:18 GMT - LIMA - PERU

455 Wendy Arnold
Dear Ed

Reading all the tributes to you helps me to understand your unique personality. Why else would you be fair game to join us at our annual bookgroup gathering and play silly games (not to mention donning a tutu for one of them!)?

I count myself lucky to have met you.

Love, Wendy
Monday 4 November 2002 06:33 GMT - Bookgroup - Hong Kong

456 Ellen Macdiarmid
It was a pleasure to have known you. Your smile and cheery banter will always stick in my mind. You will be sorely missed by so many. My sincere condolences to the Waller family.
Monday 4 November 2002 22:00 GMT - Trinity College Dublin

457 Patricia Reilly
Although I met you only once through our mutual friend Tanya you certainly left an impression on me. The occasion was last summer in the Odeon bar, Dublin and judging by the amount of people who showed up to see you I'm sure there are many people
Tuesday 5 November 2002 15:32 GMT - Wicklow, Ireland

458 Christine Corr
Dear Ed,
Although we only ever met through mutal friends and I have not seen you since the good old days in Trinity I still remember your charm, fun and big,big smile.
My thoughts are with you and your family.
Tuesday 5 November 2002 16:15 GMT - Trinity

459 Nicci Gallo
Ed, I didn't know you well, but you made an impression on me. Even the Monday morning two weeks before Bali when we bumped into each other on the bus. You were still smiling ruefully despite having forgotten your laptop, your tie and nursing a rotten hangover. Yet it was I who was the Monday morning grump and you who was smiling and welcoming a new day.

In fact, every time I met you, you were smiling.

You lived life instinctively: you spoke and acted from the well of goodness within your heart.

I hope someone is watching over you and will help you find peace in death, in the same way you helped so many find happiness in life.
Wednesday 6 November 2002 10:06 GMT - Hong Kong

460 Jo Fry
To someone who I was at school with at Westminster Cathedral, Junior House and Shac - 10 years! It was a joy to know you and share all those experiences. Fond memories of those amusing Schola tours and what a Head of JH! A tragic way to go, but you'll certainly live on in other ways. God Bless You Ed.
Thursday 7 November 2002 20:01 GMT - London

461 John , Adair, Marguerite & William
We have many fond memories of Ed. I always remember one Regatta at Dromineer when William was very small, we were walking from the 61M at the Mogul Jetty to rig SOD 96 (Envy). Typically, early in the morning we are rather hurried, fussing over our boats to ensure they are rigged correctly for our race. Not Ed though, he stopped and chatted with us as I introduced him to Willam. Small boys tend to be shy and bashful and William was, but Ed spoke with William until he managed to extract a few words of greeeting from him and a pleasant smile.
Whenever we met Ed he always found time for us. We look forward to meeting him again when we all depart this world. In the meantime, Ed has left a lasting and happy imprint on our memroies, which we shall never forget.
Friday 8 November 2002 07:35 GMT - Lough Derg

462 christopher hammerbeck
Here I sit late at night having always thought that somehow you would come in with a wave of the hand hand and say “hi whats this all about”. I guess that Jocelyn's phonecall to say that they had identified you and that you ain't coming back has really hi
Friday 8 November 2002 14:55 GMT - Hong Kong

463 Niall Thorburn
I am sorry I crashed your car in Belfast in front of all the intervarsities.
I am sorry too that I won't be able to repay that dinner.
Friday 8 November 2002 23:04 GMT - Ampleforth + Trinity

464 loretta campbell
I believe you meet people for a reason. I only met Ed twice but in that time he left an impression. An impression of a totally genuine individual, who took pleasure in the simple things, in bringing life and happiness to others, who ensured every moment of life was lived to the fullest, that every person he touched he left with a sense of this being a better world. I walked away after meeting Ed, wanting to be a better person, wanting to make others feel as good as he had made me feel. They say there are moments of truth in ones life and I remember one of those happening when Ed Waller stepped into my life for a moment. Despite the limited time I knew you, your zest for life and genuine care for others wont be forgotten. May you be in a better place.
Monday 11 November 2002 00:13 GMT - Hong Kong

465 Jose & Junko
We met Ed through close friends, enjoying life and making the most of it. You were always down to earth, great to be with and always brough the best out of a person that you were with. It has been a great pleasure to have known you. We will greatly miss you but we will not forget you.

My sincere condolences to the Waller family. God bless you.
Monday 11 November 2002 08:50 GMT - Hong Kong

466 Nicole Haslock
I have tried so many times to find some words that make some sense to say. I can't. Everything I say is wrong. Not because of what I know how to say, but because of what words can't say. That has a presence, like your absence, like the absence of light.

Your presence though is everywhere. In “Snotsbar”, in “The Chapel”, in Delaneys, on the email and even in my library! Everywhere.

Most of all though, Ed, your warm and friendly presence is in our hearts, and will be forever.

“Breast you” Ed.

And may that very special presence that touched everyone you met bless you and your family.

Thinking of you and missing you always.

Tuesday 12 November 2002 00:05 GMT - Hong Kong

467 Eden Wu
I met Ed through work. Although I did not know him very well, he always greeted me with a bubbly smile. Reading what his friends and family have said about him, I truly see that he was one of a kind; very special and so very much loved. My sincere condolences to Ed's family - my thoughts are with you.

Tuesday 12 November 2002 01:05 GMT - Hong Kong

468 Gordon Oldham
Dear Ed,
You worked for me for 18 months and the only time I ever saw you miserable was every time I insisted that you work on a Saturday morning. I think we all eventually realised this was an uphill battle with a guy who simply loved to party and for whom work simply got in the way of socialising. At your age that was a perfectly acceptable proposition. Where ever you are now I'm sure you're talking with everyone and anyone and my thoughts are with you and your family.
Tuesday 12 November 2002 03:47 GMT - Hong Kong

469 Ryan Comerford
To the Waller family, I extend my deepest condolences on the tragic loss of your son/brother, Ed. Rejoice in the life that Ed has led; the hearts touched of so many people. We are poorer for his passing, but richer for having known him, albeit too briefly.
Ed, we are 3-6 6-3 and unsettled.....i will be calling on you in the fullness of time. God bless you, may you rest in peace.
Tuesday 12 November 2002 05:27 GMT - Hong Kong

470 Brian Moran
I remember Ed as kind and funny.It was my 40th birthday in Yangshuo China the night we met.It began to rain and Ed borrowed
a giant beach umbrella from a surly chinese cafe staff so we could walk home, laughing all the way!
I will light some buddha inscense for Ed now...hopefully he passed on as we all would want his dream.
Tuesday 12 November 2002 15:58 GMT - nyc ny

471 Takamasa Makita
To the Waller family, my deepest condolences.

I would like to post Ed's last message to the HK Football Club Bulls after we had played a friendly with his Select team in early September 2002.

We will carry on Ed's wish for this to be an annu
Wednesday 13 November 2002 01:40 GMT

472 Junko Miyamoto

I still cannot believe you are not alive anymore. You were always smiling
and made everybody laugh and happy. I enjoyed with you. It is great memory
that we were dancing together at your last birthday party. I never forget

Please sleep quietly.

My sincere condolences to the Waller family.

Thursday 14 November 2002 10:44 GMT - Hong Kong

473 Tom Waller
Today we buried my brother in Cloghprior, the family graveyard in Tipperary. It is typical of Ed, that it should take him three flights to get to his final destination. Bali-Singapore-Heathrow-Shannon. The undertaker remarked that judging by his passport
Saturday 16 November 2002 21:10 GMT - Garanfada, Tipperary

474 Rita Rigg
Dear Ed,
Not a day goes by when we do not think of you and your family. We pray that they will take good care and find consolation in the wonderfully happy memories you have left for them.
Rest in peace.
With love from us all
Saturday 16 November 2002 23:09 GMT - Edinburgh

475 Jocelyn Waller
(continuation of previous message)

The pain and the awful loss engendered by the terrible and totally undeserved fate that befell you has been mitigated and eased by the incredible outpouring of sympathy that I, Nilawan and Tom have received from s
Sunday 17 November 2002 07:53 GMT - Garanfada, Tipperary

476 Jocelyn Waller
My dearest Edward,

Yesterday under a cloudless sky we buried you in the family graveyard at Cloghprior, Carney. It was such a relief that your body was eventually found so we could bring you back home. The commital was conducted by Father John Slat
Sunday 17 November 2002 07:54 GMT - Garanfada, Tipperary

477 Marijke
Dear family and friends,

My deepest condolances to you all. My name is Marijke, and I met Ed in the Irish Pub in Thailand, while visiting my dear friend Miranda. I was in Thailand in octobre 2002 for a vacation coming from the Netherlands. Although we breefly met, the news struck my verry much. The thing I remember most about Ed, is his humor and the good laughs we had in the pub. I wish everybody and especially my friend Miranda sternght in dealing with thear loss.


Sunday 17 November 2002 14:24 GMT - Netherlands

478 Paul T. McGee
I met Ed in August 00 down at the Football Club where we were both new members. I last saw him the Thursday before he flew out to Bali. I believe I started the conversation with my usual dig at him “My - awfully fat for a Thai guy...” A few minutes later
Monday 18 November 2002 13:14 GMT - HK Football Club

479 Geeta Verghese
Dear Jocelyn,
I was extremely sorry to learn about Edward's untimely and tragic passing away from Niti. I have warm memories of his visit to Hyderabad for Kira's (his great grand mother)100th birthday and his lively efforts to get her to smile for the photo sessions. He was a wonderfully warm person. I attended Kira's funeral earlier this year in Mumbai. She had always been so proud of the achievements of both Thomas and Edward.
Ihope God will give you ,Nilawan, Lygia and the rest of the family the strength to bear this loss.
Saturday 14 December 2002 13:28 GMT - Mumbai

480 Nick
Merry Christmas ED!!
Tuesday 17 December 2002 09:25 GMT

481 willie lynch
merry christmas ed and his family im sure your watching us always

see u someday
Tuesday 17 December 2002 16:52 GMT - dublin

482 liz vaughan
Lovely Ted. Bugger. You're not here any more. This is all going to get back to Jack and he'll have to close his shop. You've had so many amazing friends writing seriously beautiful tributes. Here is an un-amazing slack friend with some basic banter: you were just too incredible for this planet, you wonderful, happy, kind and funny person. Crikey, I'm lucky having had you as my pal. Here's to you, Ed's family: I am thinking of you and your grieving which must be indescribably painful. Thank you all so much for gracing us with such a beautiful human being. Liz
Monday 23 December 2002 02:02 GMT - Shanghai

483 maura howe
Hello all had a fantastic time atTom's premiere in London Leinster Sq at the beginning of this month & am having a lovely time with loved ones with this Christmas but am thinking veru much of the Waller family aat this time. This time only 3 years ago we were in Thailand with Ed am thinking of his family & friends at this time. All the best Maura 087 6823566
Thursday 26 December 2002 23:12 GMT - Dublin

484 Andrea Trimingham
Happy New Year Ed............. still very much in our thoughts.
Tuesday 7 January 2003 07:31 GMT - London

485 Mike Rizzo
My memories of Ed go back some time, to the football pitches of Westminister Cathedral Choir School (WCCS) [c.1984-1987]and later Ampleforth College (Shac). Although we were not in the same year/house at school and so had less in common, I will always remember Ed as a very nice guy. Tom and family are in our prayers. Ed, rest in peace.
Wednesday 8 January 2003 16:54 GMT - Malta

486 Maurice Waller
Although we never had the pleasure of meeting him,our heart felt sympathy goes to our Irish cousin's Family and friends.
Christina ,Nicholas,John,James & Maurice Waller. NSW Australia.
Wednesday 29 January 2003 02:31 GMT - Australia

487 Alfonso García de Leániz
I happened to meet Ed while my first year at Ampleforth, although I didn´t get to know him (he was in the top year when I was in my 1st year) much I do remember very well what a memorable person he was at St Aidans.My deepest condolences to all the Waller family
Thursday 30 January 2003 18:02 GMT - Madrid

488 Cris and Vanda Waller
We didn't meet, but I wish we had. Condolences to Hardress and Lygia whom we have met, and to Jocelyn, Nilawan, and Tom from very distant family members.
Thursday 30 January 2003 22:02 GMT - Brisbane, Australia

489 Dawid
Hey Ed

I was on a train tonight, stuck in a tunnel, snow everywhere - can't remember anything quite like it - the carriage was packed and a gentleman was speaking to two fellow passengers about his son. And as he spoke, slowly, clearly, with dignit
Thursday 30 January 2003 23:43 GMT - Welwyn, Herts, UK

490 Fiona (Wilton)
It must be at least ten years ago that I was 'occasional crew' on SILK (1), but I remember well the few times that we sailed together. You were still a student at Ampleforth - young, full of charm and good humour.
With great sadness, it is only today that I have learned about your death in Bali... and only today that I have now read the wonderful tributes that are witness to the special person, friend, son and brother that you were. You achieved a great deal in these last ten years since we met, and obviously touched the hearts of many people.
From a country that suffers daily from the conflict and violence that took your life, I send these remembrances and blessings.
With love,
Bogotá, Colombia
Monday 3 March 2003 10:58 GMT - Bogotá - Colombia

491 Charles Fowler
Several months ago I visted this book of tributes, not long after Bali and hearing the news of my friend's tragic passing away. They say that with the passing of time, wounds will heal. True enough, it seems like so long ago. But the wounds are never made
Wednesday 2 April 2003 13:27 GMT - Melbourne, Australia(now) & Ed: Penny Furney & University

492 Charles Fowler
Upon reading these tributes, i was struck by Tom Waller's tribute to Ed. In particular the quote: “A Well Traveled Man” Here is a poem, which I hope reflects that not even Death can deflect a man like Ed from keeping true to his plan and true to his natur
Wednesday 2 April 2003 13:53 GMT - Australia

493 Tom Waller
Subject: Ed Waller tribute film

Dear Friends,

My brother Ed was killed exactly six months ago tomorrow. On 20th July this year he would have been 27 years old. To mark this occasion, I am putting together a tribute film to him, made up of S
Friday 11 April 2003 11:14 GMT - Bangkok, Thailand

494 jilly hamilton
hi ed,
jilly here

its taken me a while to pluck up the courage to write this

i keep thinking u are in hk and that its only a matter of time till i see u again

ive just passed a few pictures and a video on to cally for tom
i lo
Wednesday 7 May 2003 22:45 GMT - ldyc, dublin, hong kong, ireland

495 Simeon Dann
I've just returned to the UK and heard the news and I'm still shocked. Ed brought a lot of happiness to my life while I was at Ampleforth. He was a good friend to me and all who knew him back then, an excellent choice for Head of JH. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.
Sunday 15 June 2003 16:57 GMT - Ampleforth (JH and SHAC)

496 Erik Goodbody
Like Jilly, it has taken me a while to get round to writing this. At the beginning of June I went to Indonesia to visit friends for two weeks. I spent a night in Bali at each end of the trip. As I was so close to where Ed was killed, I decieded to visit t
Tuesday 17 June 2003 11:25 GMT - Dublin, Ireland

497 Jocelyn Waller
Today is Edward's birthday. It's a poignant day for a parent of someone so much loved and enjoyed who has been so cruelly taken from us. We won't ever forget him and remember with affection and joy the many happy moments of his short life and the good he brought to the world. Rest in peace my lovely son.
Sunday 20 July 2003 10:47 GMT - Cambridge

498 Tom Waller
Ed, last week I made a pilgrimage to Lourdes with the Ampleforth pilgrimage. I lit a candle for you at the grotto. It burned brightly under the statue of Our Lady, a symbol of how your spirit still shines brightly in all our lives.

Earlier today, your mother and I visited your grave. It is peaceful there. In the ballroom of the Dromineer Bay Hotel, where you celebrated your 21st birthday, Fr John Slattery celebrated Mass for you in your remembrance. Your friends and family pray for your peace, and remember you as you would have turned 27 today.
Sunday 20 July 2003 13:41 GMT - Garanfada House, Co. Tipperary, Ireland

499 Myles Lennon
I am thinking of you today on your 27th birthday. You are exactly 14 months older than me. I miss you, but I know that you are in a very peaceful place.

Sunday 20 July 2003 21:24 GMT - Ireland

500 Christopher & Lucy Hammerbeck
We are sitting here in a typhoon in Hong Kong, which you would have loved, reflecting on your birthday party which we celebrated last night thanks to Kirsty. The following were there in the Pizza Express so that Kirsty could have her veggie pizza and before and after in Dublin Jacks! The following attended: Hoppo and Susie, Kirsty & Tommy, Eamon, Fergal, Sarah, Lucy and CJAH. It was a fun evening full of storiesd about you and your friends, Ben To phonred in as he couldn't get back in time from Dongghuan but he reckoned you would understand anyhow he is coming to Ireland to see you. Well that is about it apart from the fact that Lucy keeps correcting my Englishh and sapelling as usual! Love from us all you are missed and we think about you often! Christopher
Monday 21 July 2003 13:30 GMT - Hong Kong

501 Penny Furney
Ed, last night a group of us (ed's girls as katie said!) toasted you on what would have been your 27th birthday in your favourite dublin watering hole, kehoes.
Missing you lots..
love Penny
Monday 21 July 2003 16:30 GMT - Dublin

502 Fabio
Happy B-Day Ed!
My eyes won't see you again, but you will always be here with us!
Also this season will be different without you...
Ciao / Fabio
Wednesday 23 July 2003 06:45 GMT - HK

503 Nigel Cumberland
Dear Ed,
Celebrating my birthday last week (which I remember falling just after yours), reminded me of you and of your wonderful birthday celebrations, thanks to you having so many admirers and dear friends.
In fact we are constantly reminded of you with Tatiana only calling me up yesterday and you come up in conversation.
Saturday 2 August 2003 10:14 GMT - Hong Kong

504 Hugo Nisbett
Having read this, and been moved to the verge of tears, I wish I had know Ed better.
Evidently one of life's gentlemen.
Monday 22 September 2003 15:47 GMT - Ampleforth

505 Tom Waller
Dear friends,

Re: Ed Waller Tribute Night - 11th Oct 2003

Its almost a year now since my brother Ed was murdered in the Bali bombings of 12th October 2002. On the eve of the anniversary of this atrocity, we are planning a memorial evening
Saturday 27 September 2003 13:53 GMT - Bangkok, Thailand

506 Stafford Bagot
There will be an official rememberance service for all Bali vitim's in London on the 12th. I know that some people from Ireland will travel over to London for the service, however, for those of you who will not be flying over for it and would like to get together in Dublin, it has been arranged for a Mass to be held in honour of our friend Ed.

Where: Trinity College Chapel
Time: 12.15pm
Then afterwards perhaps head to a pub close by on Dame Street for a pint and/or lunch be decided on the day.
Friday 3 October 2003 13:11 GMT - Dublin, Ireland

507 David Lyons
Dear all
I am going over to Chiangmai on October
24th to see Eds mum with whom l do business. If anybody has a message that they would like to have passed on please let me know.
Dearest Ed.. you came briefly into my life but the wonderfulimpression you made on me will stay for ever and l am always talking about you with your mum and I know how much she misses you.
Marion and l have happy memories and you will never be forgotten
Friday 3 October 2003 21:19 GMT - Southgate-London UK

508 Julian Hinds
Ed, a year on, you and your family are still in our thoughts.

We will toast the happy memories this weekend, my friend, hoping that you and those you love have found peace.
Friday 10 October 2003 16:59 GMT - Trinity, Dublin.

509 Tommy Larmour

I'm sitting in a hotel room in Shanghai and just about to head out to watch the Ireland game. I can't help thinking that I should be watching it with you or more likely trying to spot you in the crowd as you'd have definitely been there.

The last year has been like that for us, there have been so many events that you should have been part of and so many things have happened where we know you'd have had laugh, joke or other contribution to make.

I'll raise a jar for you this afternoon, we miss you buddy.

Saturday 11 October 2003 06:25 GMT - Hong Kong

510 Melissa Ashworth
You can shed tears that he is gone, or you can smile because he has lived.

You can close your eyes and pray that he'll come back, or you can open your eyes and see all he's left.

Your heart can be empty because you can't see him, or you can
Saturday 11 October 2003 15:01 GMT - London, Hong Kong

511 Sarah Slattery
Hi Ed,

Although your life was far too short, you obviously touched so many people. The hundreds of messages in this tribute bear testament to that fact. I'm not religious - I wish I was - but I do believe that the dead live on in the hearts of those who loved them. So I guess that makes about 659 of us!

I'll be thinking of you tomorrow. I'm going to go to mass at the Cathedral in Freiburg and light a candle for you, which will be my first time at mass since my confirmation. So what the nuns failed to achieve, you could.

Sleep well.

Love Always,
Saturday 11 October 2003 17:24 GMT - Freiburg, Germany (Was in Ed's class at Trinity)

512 Becky Lo
Beautiful Eds,
It's been one year since you left this world, and I have pictured your giggling face at Victoria Station in Hongkong millions of times. It was the last time I saw you and we had a marathon gossip session as I waited for my flight, and y
Sunday 12 October 2003 01:03 GMT - Mate from Trinity , In Oz now

513 Cris & Vanda Waller
Condolences to your friends and family on this anniversary of an awful tragedy.
Sunday 12 October 2003 07:17 GMT - Brisbane Australia

514 Erin Baker
Ed, one year on and I've finally have the strength to write to's taken a lot of strength, but through all my heart ache and the pain, you're memory still lives on strong. Thinking of you always through your beautiful Mother in Chang Mai, I promise to visit every chance I get. To say a true tribute your memory always lives on, Aroha Nui (Forever Love), Erin Baker, Aotearoa (New Zealand) xxx
Sunday 12 October 2003 11:54 GMT - New Zealand

515 Trish Slattery

I went to mass for you today in the Chapel in Trinity - the priest seemed to think you had studied B.E.S.S.!!

When I travel, I light candles for you - in San Franciso at Christmas, in Freiburg in Germany last month. When I visited your grave last April, the flowers I brought didn't seem enough, so I poured a beer over you, too. You would have laughed at that, but I don't think it did the flowers any good!

Bob Dylan said it better than I can: “May you build a ladder to the stars, and climb on every rung, may you stay Forever Young”. You've done that now, Ed. Rest in peace.

Love, Trish
Sunday 12 October 2003 13:52 GMT - Dublin

516 Duncan Mitchell
1 year on and my thoughts are with you and your family Ed.

great bloke
great player
greatly missed.

Sunday 12 October 2003 17:48 GMT - Singapore

517 Jennifer Ross-Murphy
Dear Ed

Always thinking of you and your family...

All my love
Monday 13 October 2003 06:57 GMT - Amsterdam

518 Beth-Ann Smith
Dearest Ed,

Or should I say Fred Squallor -Its been a while since I've written but that doesn't mean I don't think about you daily. A year has passed and some tiny part of me still want to believe that you're away on another one of your wonderful t
Monday 13 October 2003 13:07 GMT - Dublin

519 Beth-Ann Smith
Jocelyn, Mary, Ben and I popped over to see your grave in Pocan recently (after the mid-summers ball!) and smiled to find it covered in all sorts of wonderful flowers - its just about as colourful and brimming with activity and personality as your bedroom
Monday 13 October 2003 13:07 GMT - Dublin

520 Lucy Hayes
Dearest Ed,
Your smily face shines out at me every day from the photo in my room and reminds me to try and live life to the full like you always managed to do.
I miss you.
big hugs
Monday 13 October 2003 21:59 GMT - Brighton

521 Louise McCann
Dear Ed,

It was said this time last year that “life goes on”, but that just seemed impossible to imagine. Now one year on, I hope we're doing you proud.
Smiling our smiles, laughing our laughs and living life to the full, just like we saw you do. And we're STILL losing the pub quiz in The Chapel!

Cheers for the happy memories, fun times and giving me the chance to meet someone as kind as you in life. Keep smiling down on us.

Love always, Nessie x
Tuesday 14 October 2003 08:13 GMT - Hong Kong

522 Mary Clare Curry
There will be a screening of Tom's film about Ed at Toner's Pub on Baggot Street, next Thursday night, 23rd October 2003.

So for those of you who would be interested in watching it, please come along next Thursday night to watch, laugh, cry and rem
Wednesday 15 October 2003 13:52 GMT - Dublin

523 Alistair Lanigan-O'Keeffe
One year on, and it still only seems like yesterday when the dreadful news reached us. If I was to choose something that I would remember Ed for, it would have to be his lust for life, and the ability to never ask why, but,'Why not?'
Ed was nearly always the centre of attention ( and usually not intentionaly )as he naturaly drew people to him with his warm, humerous and welcoming persona.
May his memory last forever.

Friday 17 October 2003 16:58 GMT - London

524 Takamasa Makita
Ed, I am sure you can hear me - what you wished for at the Football Club is coming true - Select players are mixing with the Bulls and vice versa, Scorps and Sequins guys also throwing in their muscle, in fact this was also Clive Walton's wish - that HK Football Club Rugby section become One as Asia's best Rugby Club... shame you guys are not here to enjoy it with us.

Lost another fellow-rugby player in Iraq, a Japanese diplomat, who was working for the the people of Iraq and the world - different circumstances but again tragic - may be you guys will meet up there and have a pint together and share some rugby war-stories?

Will wite again

Friday 5 December 2003 03:12 GMT - Hong Kong

525 Blanaid
Hi Ed

It's me here - Bla - Well I am just in from the Queen's pub in Dalkey and i had to check in! That was where i first met you. I went to shake hands rather formally with you and i got such a warm hug in return!! Every night before i put my head on the pillow i pray that you are somewhere peaceful but tonight i went down for a few bevvies and smack - i thought of you. I miss the crack we still had in store! You were the type of guy i wished i could hook - and i never even got the chance for you to turn me down ;) I miss you very much - I don't imagine there ever being a day whenm i don't think of you! Wherever you are - xx
Saturday 27 December 2003 01:42 GMT - Dublin

526 jett ross
I dedicated a skull to you for the day of the dead ceremonies in mexico while i was there. WIsh I had known you better, after reading all the messages of people you gave happiness too.
Thursday 11 March 2004 22:46 GMT - london

527 Nick Lemis
I am an old school mate of Ed's. A friend of mine was in Bali recently and laid a some flowers at the site of the tragedy on my behalf. My thoughts & prayers are as ever with the Waller family.
Thursday 22 April 2004 09:48 GMT - London

528 Pippa Laxton
Ed, I just helped organise a football tournament at the KCC the weekend before last. Couldn't help but miss you - your help, SMILE and humour was sorely missed. I SOOOOOO hope you are happy - someone as good as you must be?! Love you and miss you. Pippa x
Monday 14 June 2004 18:32 GMT - Hong Kong

529 Morag Baird
Dear Ed, I spent last year on the remote island of St Helena - in the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean and only accessible by sea.. the sort of place I wouldn't have been surprised to see you saunter up from a yacht with a big grin. Have thought of you with fondness during the year and planted a Endemic St Helena gumwood in their Millennium forest in your honour. Its small yet but has been carefuly watered from a old beer can. Thanks again for the pleasure of knowing a really great guy!
Sunday 27 June 2004 18:43 GMT - now back in London

530 Michael Pritchett
Lit a candle for Ed in the grotto of Lourdes last night.
Monday 19 July 2004 09:37 GMT - Lourdes, France

531 Jocelyn Waller
Dearest Ed, On this day, your would have been 28th birthday, just to say that you're never forgotten and that in spirit you are as fresh in many minds' eyes as those many days when your smile and warmth illuminated the world around you. Love for always, Dad
Tuesday 20 July 2004 06:43 GMT

532 Tom Waller (brother)
Happy birthday Ed. Love you and miss you.

P.S. You're gonna be an uncle in October!
Tuesday 20 July 2004 08:04 GMT - Bangkok, Thailand

533 Myles Lennon
Happy birthday Edward. I will never forget you.

Tuesday 20 July 2004 21:05 GMT - Ireland

534 Leonora Hammerbeck
I am thinking of you and we all miss you so much. God Bless
Wednesday 8 September 2004 08:48 GMT

535 A Friend of a friend - Sarah
I heard about Ed's death through a friend of Eds and I visited this lovely website a long time ago... it is such a great hall of memory, I just returned to it today in a sad daydream thinking about all these terrorist attacks and how many lives it has hurt so badly. It is all so sad.

Best wishes,

A stranger thinking about Ed today.
Monday 13 September 2004 13:35 GMT - Dublin

536 Jocelyn Waller
A message to any of Ed's friends who might like to join with the families of the 28 British victims of the Bali atrocity on the occasion of the 2nd anniversary, Tuesday 12th October. This will consist of a 'joining together' at 6.30 pm on HMS Belfast (a retired warship anchored near Tower Bridge). If anyone would like to attend please contact me on +44 1223 262258 e-mail . Tickets cost £10.
Monday 13 September 2004 19:28 GMT

537 Jennifer Craig
Ed....I'm thinking of you now you are an uncle...I miss you still so very much

Love as always Jenn XXX
Tuesday 5 October 2004 14:04 GMT - Dublin, Ireland

538 Tom Waller (brother)

Your nephew Alexander Jocelyn de Warrenne was born into this world at 11.26am on Sunday 3rd October 2004 at the Bumrungrad Hospital in Bangkok. He weighed in a healthy 3590g and came with a full head of hair! You would be laughing if you saw daddy attempt to change his nappy - I know that some things are best left to mum. Anyway, I'm sure he will grow up supporting Chelsea. But I'll need you to teach him to catch the ball...

lots of love

Alex's Dad
Wednesday 6 October 2004 03:40 GMT - Bangkok, Thailand

539 judith schweppe
hello darling. sitting here hungover supposed to be doing lesson plans for next week but really can't get it together! partying as hard as ever i think you'd be proud :) just wanted to say you are never far from my thoughts and in some weird way i feel like you've helped me through the last year which was nothing short of bloody awful! thanks for that. you may not be with us in body but someone as incredible as you neveer really leaves us. all my love as always x jude
Saturday 9 October 2004 10:30 GMT - dublin

540 Vanessa
Ed, today is no different from any other day in that I still miss and in that I am most certaily not alone. I have heard it said twice recently that “Our children have seen too much death”. And the sailing community has experienced much loss this last while. With each passing you feel older, more somber and where once you felt invincible and so carefree, now you feel there is less joy than before. Yet I consider myself hughely fortunate to have known the likes of yourself and these other outstanding men and we shared many good times. Because of this I know there are more good times ahead and more good people to meet. So Ed, miss you, thinking of you and I know you're never too far away.
All my love, V
Tuesday 12 October 2004 08:15 GMT - Ireland

541 Mary - Clare Curry
Dearest Ed,
Thinking of you and missing you more than ever.
Tuesday 12 October 2004 08:57 GMT - Dublin Ireland

542 Rachel Wilson
Ed - lit you a candle at St. John's in Hong Kong today - the memory of your smile still remains strong. All my best wishes to your family on this anniversary.
Tuesday 12 October 2004 10:22 GMT - Hong Kong

543 Katie Roberts
Ed, I still find myself thinking that you're just over the other side of the world on an extended trip. Maybe, in a way, that's exactly where you are. I still miss you terribly. Lots of love Katie xox
Tuesday 12 October 2004 13:07 GMT - Dublin

544 Melissa Ashworth
Dear Ed,
Two years on and and I am still struggling to make sense of a world where bad things happen to good people.
Missed but not forgotten.
With love x
Tuesday 12 October 2004 13:54 GMT - London/Hong Kong

545 Maura Howe
Hey Ed, two years on, it's hard to believe. As you know you're never too far from my thoughts. I know you'll be a shining Guardian Angel for your new nephew, Alex. I miss you.
Take Care, Maura
Tuesday 12 October 2004 14:43 GMT - Trinity, Dublin

546 Duncan Mitchell
Hi Ed, 2 years today, my thoughts are with you,Charlie,Clive and Pete and everyone's friends and families. 4 fine men remembered well.
Tuesday 12 October 2004 16:23 GMT - Perth, WA - ex HK Select Rugby.

547 Ronan Hayes
Hi Ed

Can't believe it is 2 years since that dark day. Very mixed emotions- it is also my god-daughter's first birthday. Suppose that's the cycle of life. Anyway, thinking of you today mate.

Tuesday 12 October 2004 17:58 GMT - New Haven USA

548 Maria Lennon
Dear Ed

Two candles. One for you, one for your nephew Alex.
Tuesday 12 October 2004 18:27 GMT - London

549 Melissa Schubert
Hi Ed - Two years on, and its my birthday again. I'm sitting here in my office, new job, new place, new everything, and I got an email saying that the Lexis rep is hosting an ice cream social in the library. I deleted it, and then thought of your disbelief at me (or any other much too dull attorney) passing up free ice cream in favor of work! I could SEE you in my office with me, smiling and shaking your head at me, but then I had to get up and shut the door, because I started crying and couldn't stop. I guess it never gets any easier. Love always, Mel
Tuesday 12 October 2004 18:44 GMT - Wilmington, Delaware, US

550 Richard Hodgins
Hey Ed
Two years on. We all miss you and are thinking of you.
Wednesday 13 October 2004 08:08 GMT - Dublin

551 Louise McCann
Dear Ed,

I blame you for today's hangover! I think you'd be suitably impressed that I had just the three social engagements on last night. Needless to say, the memories of you and the boys were well and truly toasted by us all.

Keep smiling down on us,
Love always, Nessie x
Wednesday 13 October 2004 11:04 GMT - Hong Kong

552 Fabio
2 years passed by and Colloids still struggle to scores ..aaarrrghh!...
Needless to say that we miss you a lot!
Even though you were not with us in Pyong Yang, we thought about you a lot, and by the way ...we won the cup!
Can you believe that?
Wherever you are, take it easy!
Saturday 16 October 2004 04:45 GMT - Hong Kong

553 Lalita
Two years passed,time flies. Alot has been happening, mostly bad things. I keep wonder why you left so soon, but it might be for a reason, you don't have to face the suffering and see that this world is actually not the very nice place to stay, after all the killing lifes, selfishness, terrorists attacks, War etc.
I believe you are in the better place than we are!!!!

Missing you lots today, on my birthday.
Friday 26 November 2004 02:33 GMT - Bangkok, Thailand

554 Erik Goodbody
It's a year and a half since I last put a message up on this website, and I find myself in Bali once more. I went to see the bomb site again today. A memorial to all the victims has recently been finished. On it are inscribed all the names of the people killed. Ed's name is under the “England” section. I'm not sure what he would have thought of that! On the other side of the road the flowers are still being laid, the insence still being burned and the messages still being written. It was, as before, a very moving experience for me. I suspect it will always remain so, no matter how many times I visit it.
Friday 3 December 2004 06:08 GMT - Kuta, Bali

555 Jocelyn Waller
Ed, It's another Christmas without you but you can be sure you are sharing it in many people's hearts. Never forget you, your loving Dad
Saturday 25 December 2004 09:52 GMT - Cambridge

556 Tom Waller (brother)
Ed, we just had our Christmas lunch in Chiangmai with mum (granny), Oscar and your nephew Alexander. Milk may not suffice anymore, he has a taste for champagne! Missing you as ever. x
Saturday 25 December 2004 10:05 GMT - Chiangmai, Thailand

557 Mark Bennett
In this time of resolutions, one that struck me today as being particularly improving was to resolve to be more like Ed. I have a long way to go, but lots of fond memories to guide me along the way.
Best wishes to the entire Waller family.
Wednesday 5 January 2005 15:28 GMT - Brussels

558 Penny Furney
Watching all the news coverage from the devastating Tsunami disaster reminds me of the time I spent in Ko Phi Phi and Phuket with Lucy and Ed (6 years ago now). Looking at the photo of you on the website with Phi Phi in the background and comparing it to what is on TV is shocking.
Thinking of you and missing you as ever,
love Penny
Thursday 6 January 2005 22:35 GMT - Dublin

559 Trish Slattery

In Bali on the way home to Ireland from Australia, I left flowers for you at the memorial in Kuta. Your memory lives on in the hearts and minds of so many. You are fondly remembered.

Monday 11 April 2005 09:37 GMT - Bali, Indonesia

560 Jocelyn Waller
This is a message to Ed's friends to inform them that on Saturday 7th May the headstone for Ed's grave in Clough Prior, Carney, North Tipperary will be unveiled. It will be a granite slab with an appropriate inscription thereon. Sponsor and Project Manager is John Lennon, Ed's godfather. This will take place at 12, followed by the pub, followed at 3 pm by the christening in Carrick church of Ed's posthumous nephew, Alexander. See you there!
Tuesday 19 April 2005 19:19 GMT - Cambridge, UK

561 Fabio
Hey Ed, We managed to stay in 3rd Division also this year!! Not a great result... but better then being relegated!! (as usual)!!!
I was in Bali few weeks ago... lot's of memories came up...
Ciao / Fabio
Thursday 28 April 2005 09:54 GMT - HK

562 Mary-Clare Curry
Ed, as i sit here watching the atrocities in London today i cannot help thinking of you. Hope you are enjoying yourself up there! We really missed you at our wedding on the 4th June, especially as you were the one who introduced us to each other!

Miss you loads
Thursday 7 July 2005 14:47 GMT - Dublin

563 Myles Lennon

Happy 29th birthday. I will remember you always.

Wednesday 20 July 2005 10:44 GMT - Ireland

564 Alexander Waller
Koojoo gagga jubu jubu (“Happy Birthday Uncle Ed!” in baby speak...)

We're all thinking of you. Love you. Your big bro and family x
Wednesday 20 July 2005 16:49 GMT - Thailand

565 Your Dad
Remembering you today especially as it's your birthday, but every day too. You travel with us in our lives every inch of the way.
Wednesday 20 July 2005 19:40 GMT

566 Charles Fowler
To aid the memory of those begotten, least we nae not forgotten, for the say of that day! Their memory shall we not forget in Bali. One close, others far, all under one star,
Tuesday 6 September 2005 22:08 GMT - Dublin

567 fergal
you still inspire me. i leave chicago for home in less than 12hours, i've yet to pack, i'm tired and i'm pretty broke. that said, i'm looking for my wallet and my passport and emptying my change jar because i know that if you were in my position, you'd do exactly the same thing. if everyone , nay, if half of everyone had your energy, we wouldn't need electricty - we would have enough energy for the world twice over. you are the star that smiles brightly continously. you are the smiling stars of the sky. you are missed everyday. belated happy birthday. peace and love
Sunday 11 September 2005 02:15 GMT - chicago, IL

568 Lucy
I am sitting at home in HK watching the horrific news of more bombs in Bali. I was in Bali only last week so it makes these recent attacks all the more real. We made the trip to Kuta, seemed ironic at the time that when we arrived at the memorial they were putting the gold leaf on yours and Pete Records names. It is so tragic that 3 years on these people still feel the need to injure and kill innocent people. We miss you terribly and think about and are inspired by you daily.
Sunday 2 October 2005 12:36 GMT - Hong Kong

569 Elaine Guinan
as the beautiful island of Bali is once again targeted by terrorists and yet more innocent lives are lost...., you are in my thoughts.

Monday 3 October 2005 10:31 GMT - Dublin

570 James Moore
I'll never forget picking up a copy of the South China Morning Post in 2002 and seeing Ed's face and name on the front page.

However, equally unforgettable are some fantastic memories of Ed and the Waller family, who arranged the filming of our own version of Robin Hood while we were at Westminster Cathedral Choir School in the 80s. If anyone still has a copy, it'll be worth more than a few laughs!

I hope the first memory fades faster than the second.

Love to all the Waller family and the small but memorable WCCS crowd.
Tuesday 11 October 2005 07:02 GMT - Hong Kong

571 Shelly McCormack
Thinking of you and your family today x
Wednesday 12 October 2005 07:48 GMT - Ireland

572 Tom (brother)
Another year passes bro, but nothing's changed. We still all miss you, every day. Alex now reminds me of when you were a little monkey too. x
Wednesday 12 October 2005 10:40 GMT - Bangkok, Thailand

573 Jennifer Craig
Its so hard to believe that three years has passed and that such atrocity has occured again...I miss you so much, you are always in my thoughts and you will occupy a very special place in my heart forever.

Much love to all in the Waller family today
Wednesday 12 October 2005 10:48 GMT - Ireland

574 Matt Draper
I'll be at Rugby training tonight back in the UK, then afterwards in the Pub raising a glass (or several) in silent toast to you and the other HKFC lads.
You're still an inspiration every time I pull on a shirt, mate.
Wednesday 12 October 2005 14:00 GMT - Nottingham, UK

575 Melissa Ashworth
Our thoughts, love and prayers are with you and your family today. Richard, Mimi, Melissa and Melinee x
Wednesday 12 October 2005 15:23 GMT - London

576 Blanaid
It's 3 years to the day that I heard you were missing. Thinking of you and your family! You will never be forgotten Ed.
Friday 14 October 2005 18:21 GMT - Dublin

577 Tom Waller
Dear friends,

Thursday 12th October 2006 marks the 4th anniversary of the Bali bombings. A permanent memorial dedicated to the victims of the atrocity will be unveiled by HRH Prince Charles in St James Park.

Since the ceremony is limited in number to the families of the victims, it will be difficult for anyone without tickets to attend.

Therefore, we will be having a get together for drinks in the Westminster Arms, a pub nearby (9 Storeys Gate, Westminster tube), for any of Ed's friends who wish to remember him on this day.

The upstairs room is booked from 6pm onwards, and there will be a cash bar for anyone who might like to come along after work for a drink or two.

I look forward to seeing some of you there.

Monday 9 October 2006 12:10 GMT - London/Bangkok

578 Mary-Clare Bagot
Thinking of you today. Still missing you!
Having a wonderful time here in Sydney. Wish you could visit us. xmc
Thursday 12 October 2006 00:42 GMT - Sydney

579 Sandro
After more then 4 years Ed's confident smiling is still fresh in my mind . We sorely miss you.
Thursday 12 October 2006 05:10 GMT - HK

580 Lucy
Another year passes and it still feels like only yesterday that your big smile and immense generosity and friendship was a daily part of all our lives.

We miss you terribly but know you are still with us in spirit.
Thursday 12 October 2006 09:32 GMT - Hong Kong

581 Melissa Ashworth
Thinking of you. Missed, but not forgotten. x
Thursday 12 October 2006 12:58 GMT

582 Graham Winter
Hi Ed

Your warmth, easy smile and boundless energy are sorely missed by all of us here in Hong Kong. Colloids now in the fourth division and without a win, so nothing new there, but we miss our prolific striker and even more prolific off field social captain. Thinking of you at this time, Graham.
Thursday 12 October 2006 13:50 GMT - Hong Kong

583 Ronnie Franciosy
Hi Tom, not sure if you will read this but I just wanted to pass on my regards to you and your family on this day of rememberance.

Best Wishes
Thursday 12 October 2006 20:39 GMT - England

584 Melissa Schubert
Thinking of you.
Friday 13 October 2006 04:08 GMT - DC, moving to London

585 Lucy Hayes
4 years - it seems like yesterday and yet far too long ago at the same time; we dont seem to have got much better at learning from history yet either

Monday 23 October 2006 14:48 GMT - Belgium

586 Van Mandakunis
WILD HORSES Ed you will be missed
Thursday 2 November 2006 03:36 GMT - UNITED STATES

587 Vanessa
Well, Ed, we're finally on our round the world trip. I know you would've gone out of your way to try and meet up either by using those famous airmiles or by any other means possible. We'll even end up in Hong Kong but not BKK nor CNX I think! Alas it is not to be, not yet at least. Still, thinking of you this long way round and missing you as always my dear. Keep smiling down upon us.

Love always,
V xox
Friday 1 December 2006 21:37 GMT - Peru/ Trinity/ LDYC

588 Pippa
Hi Ed, I visit these pages from time to time to say a little hello to you. But today i want to write you a little message.
It surprises me sometimes just how much I still really really miss you and i am still hoping that it was a big joke and that you are going to walk back into our lives again. I keep thinking i see you in crowds.
So much has happened since i saw you last. I got married and i have a daughter. She is called Catherine.
Many other things have happened also but mostly i just want to say that i miss you. I will always miss you.
Your brother is doing a fantastic job reminding us all of you and your wonderfulness and keeping your spirit with us. He is still looking after you - keeping you alive in our hearts. Of course i would rather you where still here with us but i like missing you because i never want to forget. I don't think i will though.
take care my lovely cousin Ed.
Always in my heart xxx Pippa
Thursday 21 December 2006 21:28 GMT - Dublin, Ireland

589 Jude
Hello dearest.
Just wanted to add a little hello. It's been a while since I visited your site although like everyone here I think about you pretty much daily. Life is great right now, am loving my job and have met an amazing guy. I sometimes think you sent him!! Rach was home recently with Alan from one of her many jaunts to far flung places. She seems very happy in New Zealand - not sure if we'll see her back here any time soon. Still miss you dearest chum, and dare say we always will. Big love xoxo
Monday 7 May 2007 20:07 GMT - Dublin

590 Tom (brother)
Ed, your second nephew William Edward de Warrenne was born last Tuesday 29th May 2007. Like I fondly remember with us growing up together, he'll be the 'annoying little brother' to Alex for some time. Its a pity you won't be around to teach him footie. But when he's old enough, he'll learn all about your love of Chelsea FC and pizza!
Thursday 7 June 2007 12:31 GMT - Bangkok

591 Vanessa
Ed, last week Barry & I passed through Hong Kong, your old stomping ground and then also Bali. I recall at least once you giving out cos I hadn't come to see you in Hong Kong and so on our trip visiting Bali to see where you'd been was a must. Ed, love, it's a lovely place. The memorial is really quite beautiful, contemporary, yet Balinese in style and there's your name up in lights. You're under "Ingris", (dunno how you'd feel about that - we sure claim you as our own) and you are down quite simply as, "Ed Waller", just the way we remember you. It's lovely. The people too are lovely and these bombings have hit them hard. Even the site where the Sari club once stood now grows weeds and is left vacant. There are still flowers, photos and so forth remembering those lost. So it's still obvious how the extent of the 2002 tragedy and the subsequent one in 2005 is still quite raw.

But Ed the world we live in is such a different place to travel in now, with constant security alerts. And with more attacks in the UK just recently and then the Ozzie Government issuing warnings to people visiting Bali again it feels like a very different world from the one you would've known! But I don't reckon that would've stopped you travelling at the drop of a hat, that was your way!

So pet, we still miss you. We would've loved to meet up with you in Hong Kong, but instead it was a very special moment seeing where you'd last been. We just had to visit you there and we are really so glad we did.

One last thing, happy birthday. You're always in our thoughts and our hearts.

Thinking of you,
V xxx
Tuesday 17 July 2007 08:30 GMT - LDYC/ Trinity

592 Shirley
Happy Birthday Ed and many congratulations on becoming an uncle. I'm getting married in September, very excited. Fingers crossed that the Irish weather will hold up - we have 52 umbrellas just in case! Thinking of you as always. love Shirley
Friday 20 July 2007 10:17 GMT - London

593 Jennifer Craig
Ed, thinking of you today on your Birthday.I still miss you so much and you are always in my heart! You even featured at Penny's Hen last weekend as one of the Pink Ladies brigade :-) xx
Friday 20 July 2007 10:31 GMT - Ireland

594 Vanessa Murtagh
Ed, love, we recently visited Hong Kong and Bali. You were top of mind. How we would've loved to meet with you, celebrate your birthday and simply have a laugh with you again.

Miss you as ever.
V & B
Saturday 28 July 2007 05:59 GMT - The Shannon/ Trinity

595 John Keith
Ed, you're warmly remembered every day.
Wednesday 10 October 2007 13:19 GMT - HKFC, Sydney

596 Stafford Bagot
Thinking of you Ed. We miss you so much and wish you were here. You would be in your element at the moment with the rugby and all the banter surrounding the cup. I am sad you are not around and thinking of you on yet another anniversary of Bali (so frustrating!). Take care my friend.
Thursday 11 October 2007 02:15 GMT - Sydney (previously of the Cutlers)

597 Wayne Kennedy
Thinking of you.
Thursday 11 October 2007 17:54 GMT - Macau

598 Jennifer Craig
Five years and still as much in our hearts and in our minds. Thinking of you today.missing you as always. xxx
Friday 12 October 2007 11:45 GMT - Ireland

599 Penny Furney
Hey Ed,
Can't believe it is now 5 years since you left us. Thinking of you especially today. You missed my wedding day last month but your Dad was there in flying form and there was a whole table of Dergies causing mischief! You would have had a ball (as always!).
Lots of love
Friday 12 October 2007 11:45 GMT - Dublin

600 Lucy
Just re-watched Tom's tribute film of you which he posted on Facebook today - :'(. But it made me chuckle thinking how many Facebook friends you would have - you'd definitely be up there on the leader board! and with a solid female majority!
Friday 12 October 2007 15:16 GMT - Brussels

601 Myles Lennon
Thinking of you today and remembering you always
Friday 12 October 2007 21:36 GMT - Ireland

602 Jude
Miss you chum. Sending a hug to wherever you are xoxox
Friday 19 October 2007 08:28 GMT - Dublin

603 Club Player
“Life hangs on a very thin thread and the cancer of time is complacency. If you are going to do something, do it now. Tomorrow is too late". You have left us for over 5 years;but your favorite motto is still with us, with me.You are always unforgetable, it is not like someone who just said so several years ago, I do think about you often,and missing your smile dreadfully. God bless.
Sunday 21 October 2007 16:46 GMT - London

604 Cally Donaghy
You are always in my heart and my thoughts. Missing you always. Thanks for all the amazing times, memories and friends. xoxox
Wednesday 24 October 2007 14:15 GMT - Dublin, Ireland

605 Ed Waller
I did not know Ed, but I happen to have the same name. I was an avid rugby player (and still am, old boy style), and even though we never met, there is a kindred spirit between players. I feel for your loss one and all.
Saturday 10 November 2007 00:39 GMT - Canada

606 simon craigie
Just Visiting by Accident! Like a creation " Who knew how I would turn out? Predictions, probability, - recession. When is the traffic going to stop is what I ask myself. Even when sitting on the bank of a river in the mountains the planes are still flying, pollution, billions of people in the world many wars, fighting, saddam gone - George Bush and all of us no better behaved than extremely badly behaved Children. This is what we have to manage while we are here on this earth and while not on this earth well it can't be so bad.
Another day of getting up in the morning, another day of work. Everyday I try to enlighten myself, people around me a little. We have to look for something that can make a difference where we can and if we can.

We are all still seeking and this is something of choice but choice which also means scarifice. We all are making scarifices every moment.
Wishing all the best for all things in this world of winners and loosers, those who have and those who don't, male or female, young or old, sick or healthy - Sailing or turf cutting
Thursday 13 December 2007 22:04 GMT - Dublin

607 Chris Dawson
Ed was a great guy, always nice and friendly. I only really knew him at school.
I'll always remember how warm ed was who was liked by everyone.
Just a genuine nice guy
Tuesday 18 December 2007 14:38 GMT - UK

608 Beth-Ann Smith
My darling Ed, How the years have flown by. There are so many things I want to talk to you about - but maybe you already know them. I still miss you every day and would love so much for you to meet our lil boy Harry. He is the light of our lives. I still miss you constantly. Ed sweetheart its so lovely to write you a note and I hope that somewhere somehow you know how loved and missed you are. All my love (and of course irony always) fred squalor xx beth
Tuesday 4 March 2008 22:29 GMT - Dublin, Ireland

609 Mary
Dearest Ed,

It's taken me a while to write here.

I write to you now from an internet cafe metres away from where you were robbed from us over five years ago.

Only a few weeks ago I had dinner with Tom, Christo and Stafford. As ever you come up in conversation in a way that one expects you to bundle in the door any minute with all the velocity of your chaotic charm and chat!

I spent the evening of the fifth anniversary of the bombing with your Dad and Tom in Bangkok - I think it was then I decided on this little personal pilgrimage.

I came here fully intent on celebrating your fully lived life and to remind myself of so many hugely happy memories .yet as I sit here over my keyboard I can't help feeling deeply sad that you're not around for Asian adventures, late night madness and mischief and the general day to day dramas of our lives.

You remain much much missed Ed,
Friday 11 April 2008 03:55 GMT

610 tanya
hello you,
i was so confused with anger & sadness for such a long time and finally i feel soooooo enormously lucky & grateful that i met & knew you at all!!!
you really inspired me ed, we had so much fun & my memories of the lovely principled fun handsome guy you were, make me so happy! vegas baby! you were the most amazing well rounded person, your family must have been incredibly proud.
miss you so so much, much much love as always, always thinking of you, tanya x
Wednesday 23 April 2008 18:22 GMT - london

611 Fr Justin Price OSB
Just remembering you Ed, and Tom, and your family and friends, in my prayers and at Mass.
Thursday 1 May 2008 17:09 GMT - Houston Texas

612 Matt Draper
Ed, as ever I raise a beer to you in friendship for what you did for me in HK. I play rugby still with you in mind. Say hello to the guys in the cloud bar.
Sunday 12 October 2008 00:49 GMT - Nottingham

613 Sparky (Mark Hanna)
Still missing you
Sunday 12 October 2008 16:29 GMT - Dublin

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614 Nicky (Stewart) Schmidt
Hi there Ed, I never really knew you, but remember you clearly peeping out of your grandads boat in your orange life jacket. It's one of my first Dromineer memories. You were probably around 5 or 6 at the time. From what I read about you, you were a great guy, and I'm sorry I never really got to know you.
Monday 13 October 2008 19:21 GMT - Dromineer - now in France

615 Kevin Greely
Hi Ed, I met you a couple of times through your friend and my sister Eimear, and I have heard some of the legendary stories of your short life and your character. I am living in Bondi where there are many reminders of others who lost their lives with you, so the tragedy is sometimes quite fresh in the mind. Rest well. Your memory will always be in the minds and hearts of so many.
Sunday 9 November 2008 11:40 GMT - Sydney, Australia

616 Fergal Power
Hey Ed

Miss ya still loads- still partying like we're 21. Have a great Christmas! take care.

Sunday 28 December 2008 14:51 GMT

617 Sparky
Remembering you today.
Monday 20 July 2009 11:42 GMT - Dublin

618 Pippa Laxton
Hi there Ed did an "official walkround" of the KCC today having been appointed as Event Managers of the Cricket Sixes. Made me think of you and all our friends that we lost that day. You'd be pleased to hear that Polly (Miller) is now pregant with her second child and after 50 skin graft ops has called it a day - she still looks gorgeous. Hope you are genuinely resting in peace - scares me to think about death and even more to know that someone as young has you has had to go through it. Anyway, hope you do somehow get everyone'sm thoughts and prayers because they are still as forthcoming as the day you went. Love, Pippa x
Tuesday 21 July 2009 16:55 GMT - Hong Kong

619 Nick
Every time I hear a song from "Queen", you're the first person I think of, I don't know why. I guess it's because Tom used to tease you about it all the time when we were kids. I still think of all the fun we had back then; building fern-houses in Ireland, cod fishing, playing Robin Hood, etc. I miss you man.
Wednesday 30 September 2009 17:53 GMT - Kuwait

620 Kirsten Bayly-Parker
It is seven years today. Where has time gone. It really doesn't feel that long since I saw you last and then I look at our lives and realise that time is marching on.
I miss you, we all miss you. You would have loved being an uncle to Alex and William and a big cousin / honourary uncle to all the other babies that have been born. This year at regatta after your race, there were lots of babies and toddlers around - the next generation! I am now married to a Yorkshireman called Chris and have a daughter called Zoe. She is a little monkey! It makes me so sad that you won't meet her or she meet you. She has already heard all about you though! You will live on, in our hearts and memories.
Rest in peace.
Monday 12 October 2009 09:58 GMT - LDYC, Ireland

621 Louise McCann
Thinking of you today Ed.

Rest in peace.

Love Nessie x
Monday 12 October 2009 14:15 GMT - Hong Kong

622 Tanya Stanley
Hello sweetheart, miss you lots and have some lovely photos of you on my wall. I'm pregnant and actually due tomorrow, I know you'd be excited by all this and sorely miss hearing what you'd have to say. I hope you're peaceful and had an inkling of how much we loved you. Much much love as always xxx
Wednesday 17 February 2010 17:28 GMT - London

623 Fabio
Ciao Ed,
it looks like Colloids are going to stay up this year. still 8 games to go.
I hope you are having a great time. wherever you are mate.
I was in Bali few weeks ago. ,man. that felt strange.
Ciao Bello / Fabio
Thursday 4 March 2010 13:41 GMT - Hong Kong

624 Kirsten Bayly
Hi Ed, I can't believe how time has flown. Today you would be 34. I saw Kirsty ten days ago and met her two girls and she met my two.yes I have two now! Ben was born last month and Zoe is a little blond imp! Catching up with Kirsty, made me wonder where you would be and what would you be up to if you were still with us. Lots of crazy things come to mind! Missing you, Kx
Tuesday 20 July 2010 08:31 GMT - Tipperary

625 Gemma Healy
To Jocelyn, Nilawan, Tom and the Waller famiy.

I studied at Trinity at the same time as Ed and had the pleasure of meeting him through several friends we had in common. I have just wiped my eyes from wathching the TV programme "Disasters" about the Bali bomb. Mr. Waller you spoke so beautifully and so accurately about Ed who showed indifference for difference!!
Its so hard to believe that its 8 years since that memorial service in Dromineer. I have since married and my husband is Brazilian and we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our first baby due on Christmas Eve. I found myself nodding and sobbing as you described how Ed embraced all cultures and all religions. The world needs more of his kind.
I can't imagine how much you must miss him. My very best to you all and it was lovely to see the programme and his smiley face exactly as I remember it pushing his bike around Front Square in Trinity!

Kind regards,
Thursday 2 December 2010 07:38 GMT - Killarney, Co. Kerry, Ireland

626 Blanaid
how time passes! You're in my thoughts Ed!
Wednesday 12 October 2011 22:24 GMT - Wicklow

627 Mary-Clare Bagot
As we contemplate our next big move you are in our thoughts. We know what you would say and that makes our next move all the easier:)
Thanks for continuing to provide such wonderful inspiration. Only wish you could join us for some drinkies in Singapore xx
Friday 23 December 2011 11:47 GMT - Sydney/Singapore

628 Paul T. McGee
Hi- I would like to let everyone know the events the Hong Kong Football Club Rugby Section have planned for the 10th anniversary of the Bali tragedy.

Saturday September 15th - the HKFC will host the Singapore Cricket Club in 3 matches.

Sunday September 16th - the Walton Brunch.

Friday October 12th - A wreath laying and cocktail party to follow.

Please contact me if you are planning on attending.

My best regards,

Saturday 26 May 2012 13:09 GMT - Hong Kong Football Club

629 matt draper
10 years on and now my Dad, my father in law and good friend Tony are with you in the Cloud Bar.
will raise the customary glass (or seven) to you and them.
Thursday 11 October 2012 20:03 GMT - Nottingham, UK

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